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Hairspray – Tevin Campbell


Many years later, still loving Tevin Campbell. Isn’t he great? He has a couple of albums.

Just got back from watching Hairspray (with the Filipino Librarian) where Tevin plays Seaweed J. Stubbs. I loved him/the show! Since I had no idea what Hairspray was about, I was pleasantly surprised to find out what Hairspray was all about. Go go Hairspray! Highly recommended — although admittedly, I’m more used to the traditional Broadway musical with self-glorifying solos while suspended above the stage on a broomstick.

Thanks to the newfound skills I learned from Von regarding getting cheap Broadway tickets — lotteries are cool! — I think I’m going to make this a project! I’ve decided that I’m not going to line up for the lottery everyday since they might suspect I’m a stalker. So maybe just once a week — so I’m not too obvious, but obvious enough. Hahaha. is going to have Hairspray updates! Hey, I live in New York, why not. I’m so excited.

Tomorrow (gasp), Von and I are going to attempt a double-header for both Avenue Q and Spelling Bee – I hope we win the lottery!

Here’s Von with Aaron Tveit who plays Link Larkin:


New York Tevin Campbell

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