Grimm – Season 3 Episode 7 – Recap – Cold Blooded

Grimm - Season 3 Episode 7 - Recap - Cold Blooded - Monsters

Grimm – Season 3 Episode 7 – Recap – Cold Blooded

This week’s installment of NBC‘s Grimm is a double-header! It’s not a two-parter; each episode is a normal, standalone episode of the show. The second of them is a Christmas episode, but this one is standard Grimm fare. Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) is pulling double duty tonight regardless though, probably to get the winter finale settled in time for the rush of network TV Christmas programming!

Analind meets up with the Prince Victor (guest star Alexis Denisof) regarding the death of his cousin (Renard’s brother, Eric). Analind is tasked with putting together a list of everyone who may have been involved. Some royal agents show up in Portland to take Renard into hiding, since the unbalance caused by Eric’s death could mean Renard is very unsafe. Analind probably isn’t very safe either, as Prince Victor sees her rubbing the gross blood stuff on her baby gut. I’m sure that won’t be good! Victor seems distinctly like he is not a good dude.

Grimm - Season 3 Episode 7 - Recap - Cold Blooded - Hank

As per usual, we get the classic police procedural “crime in progress” segment to introduce the episode’s main plot. This time around, a home burglary is interrupted, and the homeowner is in poor sorts once the robber reveals himself to be a Wesen, a lizard-headed boogeyman of some variety. He’s dead, as we learn, from a broken neck. He’s short one arm, which the medical examiner wiggles around gruesomely while Nick catches up with her on the victim. The next clue comes when a city worker gets flayed by some unseen monster in the sewers under the city. Hank and Nick do the only reasonable thing, and they run away screaming. Wait no. Actually they go down into the sewer to look for whatever ripped this guy’s leg clean off. Cripes, I guess this is why I’m not a TV hero!

It seems pretty clear by this point that the monster is based on the “gator in the sewers” urban legend, similar to Batman villain Killer Croc. The weapon of choice here is not a Batarang, but instead a badass hidden sleeve knife, ala Assassin’s Creed. Nick and Hank head back to the sewer, having used a map of the city’s underground tunnels to deduce where he’s likely to be. They find a hidey hole filled with shiny doodads and lots of clocks (Peter Pan reference, likely), and soon after, the monster himself. He’s quickly subdued. Perhaps… too quickly… Soon after, Hank is stolen and it becomes obvious that they’ve arrested the wrong croc man. The actual guy calls Nick from Hank’s phone, demanding the return of his brother. Ah, there it is! The gator men are brothers. Nick is untying Hank when a third reveals himself! The ensuing fight leaves two of the brothers dead and the formerly arrested one alive. Bummer for him. Sometimes, Nick’s actions as a Grimm seem like they’d be hard to explain to non-magical law enforcement agents. I guess it all just took care of itself!

Grimm - Season 3 Episode 7 - Recap - Cold Blooded - Sewer

This episode was just fine, but it all seemed like filler before the Christmas episode. There wasn’t a cool twist like how a lot of recent episodes have done, instead opting for a safe, season one style story. It was nice that they’ve seemingly abandoned traditional Brothers Grimm fairytales in favor of urban legends and the like, but still… Well, this episode was just fine and the Christmas one was rad, so check out my recap for that too! Also, here’s a preview for both of them.

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