Grimm – Season 2 Episode 12 – Recap and Review

It’s about time Adelind showed back up on the Grimm screen, but her ‘supposed’ plans of havoc, essentially meant to be the climax of this season, did not measure up to the rising action.


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Tensions are at breaking point this episode as Juliette and Nick attempt to sort out their differences. Juliette tries to come clean about her having a love interest for another man but since they’re both enjoy beating around the bush, Nick probably believes its best to take a break from each other. At least that’s what he implies. Juliette seeks Monroe for comfort, knowing that he was the last person before she went into coma. Vaguely remembering that Monroe was about to show a secret, she prompts Monroe to show her again. Monroe joins the bandwagon of white liars on this show and finds a way to convince her that her ignorance is bliss, eloquently stating, “The dark has its bright side”.


Adelind makes a surprise visit at Hank’s place and judging from his facial expressions, he is very cautious of her intentions. At this point, keep in mind we are still not sure if Nick explicitly showed that Adelind was a Hexenbiest. Indicating that he’s learned a lot more since their last encounter, Adelind tries to apologize, and poorly at that, if I may add. Adelind tries to suggest that Nick is responsible for the death of her mother; Hank dusts it off his shoulder only to be attacked by two Wesen creatures, ultimately getting knocked out and hospitalized.


Adelind is really getting her way around town, as she meets up with Renard, and threatens that his true identity is on the line and she will reveal his secrets if he doesn’t get the key from Nick. Renard, clearly concerned reveals that there are members within the Royals who are helping him as well. Unfortunately, one particular tie doesn’t last long, as he gets brutally killed by the same Wesen creatures that attacked Hank.


Adelind’s return to Portland is making a huge commotion amongst the community and the police force. Nick contacts Monroe to find a way to protect Juliette, suspecting that Adelind will find her again. His predictions come true as Adelind beats Nick to her house as she invites her to have tea together. I begin to get extremely irritated at Juliette, as she is one extraordinarily slow and unsuspecting girl to not even question the possibilities in connections between the scratch, her coma, Adelind’s disappearance, as she brings up, and her sudden unexpected reappearance. At the table, Adelind takes advantage of Juliette’s emotional instability and asks personal questions to prompt her to reveal Nick’s secrets. Now, I’m really indifferent to what happens to Juliette. Revealing that Nick had a trailer from Aunt Marie that got towed away, Juliette gets interrupted as she gets a call from Nick. Nick asks for Adelind and in the presence of Juliette, Adelind accepts and plays nice, even continuing to invites him to drop by for a drink. Taking her up on her offer, he brings the whole police troupe to arrest her, an action that shocks and angers Juliette as she feels that Nick is using her.


Adelind frankly couldn’t be happier being arrested, as she’s brought closer to Nick and she’s protected from him committing any physical revenge. In the interrogation room, she doesn’t waste time and directly asks Nick to pass over the key. Refusing to do so, he becomes desperate to know who Adelind is working for, and he eventually discovers her ties to the Royals.

Adelind gets arrested into custody.
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Meanwhile, Renard encourages Juliette to stop testing Nick, warning her that Nick is capable of much more than meets the eye. Adelind shows no fear towards his counsels and informs Renard about the trailer, luring him to retrieve it for her.

Nick is ready to fight the Royals.
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Monroe goes to find Adelind at the hotel room she’s registered in. Pretends to find the wrong hotel room in search of a friend, he identifies the culprits who attacked Hank. They follow Monroe out as he leaves and are greeted by Nick, now armed with a club and prepared to fight. For Royals, the battle sure didn’t take long, and they are all dead before they can reveal any extra insight as to who Adelind is working for.


After arresting Adelind, someone Juliette clearly mistakenly feels that she can trust, the strain between her and Nick is at an all-time high, essentially to a point that they don’t even trust each other to feel comfortable living in the same house. Packing his bags, Nick moves in with Monroe. There, Monroe finally mans up and provides information that will finally move his pursuit forward – he informs Renard is the one who Juliette has feelings for. Always appearing to be a few steps behind, Nick is in for one big confrontation as Renard has succeeded in finding his trailer.


Although Adalind’s schemes and dialogue in the past have been very intriguing, I certainly felt the script for her was unfortunately not menacing or malicious enough to effectively build an environment of urgency and danger, elements that are crucial elements expected in a Season Finale. Did anyone else feel that way and find that Adalind was seriously watered-down? Now that she’s become human, she comes across as every other “pretty” antagonist who flirts with people to retrieve what she wants. I somehow wish she still had that vicious quality inside of her when she was a Hexenbiest and hope that is still to come! Apart from Adelind, there wasn’t anything else extremely exciting about this episode. The big showdown between Nick with the Royals was underwhelming to say the least. Nick didn’t even look flustered as he killed all of them within a minute. Disappointment aside, I am glad that Monroe recognises that they’re all stuck in a cat and mouse chase that serves no realistic long-term purpose or resolution. I will be expecting some better work from Grimm when it returns, because they are very much capable of it. This week, I felt they just missed the mark. What are your thoughts?


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