Grimm – Season 2 Episode 11 – To Protect and Serve Man Recap and Review

Grimm is on quite the roll these last few weeks. In an episode that integrates a whole slew of its core strengths, (Namely, an actually-scary Wesen of interest, a gruesome crime, a nerve-wracking chase, an emotional and heartbreaking resolution, and a compelling cliffhanger) – “To Protect and Serve Man” is definitely an episode to watch as Hank (Russell Hornsby) runs against the clock to save a man from being wrongly executed.

Check out the recap and review below:

Seven years ago, Hank seized a man, Craig Ferrer who was suspected of shooting two brothers and killing one of them in his household, claiming that it was an act of self-defense after they transformed into cannibalistic monsters. Hank obviously had not known about the Grimm world back then, and having been enlightened by Nick (David Giuntoli) now believes he may have been wrong in arresting him. Now, the man is about to be executed, and Hank requires Nick’s help to prove whether he was telling the truth or not.


In the search of concrete information that can be understood by normal folk, Nick reaches out to his working partner and Craig’s wife and lawyer to gain more evidence and perspective. As the case was such a long time ago, their pursuits are thwarted as everyone has by now lost hope in convincing anybody about the validity of Craig’s claims. His lawyer, however brought out pictures that Craig drew of the monsters, which helped Nick and Hank to discover that his encounter was with a wendigo, a vicious Wesen that feed on humans and keeps their remains.

Craig Ferrer, the innocent man facing execution.
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As Nick and Hank attempt to approach Ferrer with the new insight, Ferrer refuses to cooperate, as he too, has become extremely jaded about any offer of help.


Unable to prove that the brothers were wendigos, Nick and Hank focus on the need to prove that they were killers, point blank. With the book stating that wendigos hide remains underneath ground, they attempt to look beneath the yard of their home, unfortunately only to realize that the house is no longer there. Instead, a commercial supermarket sits over the spot of interest, and they try to convince Renard to initiate a warrant to start digging.


Hanks’ visit at Death row sparked major controversy, as it was Hank’s testimony that put him in jail. The district attorney asks that Hank better have a good reason for wishing to complicate the case this late in the game and questions whether Hank is more concerned with his conscience than justice. Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) makes it clear that Hank better know what he’s doing, because making a mistake in this case will reflect extremely negatively on the police force’s image.

Hank (Russell Hornsby) digs in the mysterious pit to look for bodies.
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Expecting that the brother who survived is unlikely to stop his malicious ways due to his nature, they try to track his current location. Their suspicion proved accurate as we see him living the high life and happily treating himself to a cream of human foot soup. They find him at his work and Hank confronts him extremely directly to provoke his transformation. Hank manages to get what he wants and confirm his Wesen, and accordingly follows him back home tosearch the house without a warrant under the probable cause of him skipping jury duty. They discover a trap door under the refrigerator and ultimately uncover a pit of dead carcasses rotting. Before they can call forensics over, the Wendigo attacks him. Nick manages to call the district attorney just in time to inform her of the new discoveries, and persuades her that she’ll have to do more to save her reputation after not responding to the discovery of the bodies. Eventually, they manage to stop the injection just in time.


Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) has been dwelling and ranting about her love life complications with a friend and divulges her uncontrollable obsession for Renard, even continuing to self-diagnose her condition from online sources.  Renard, who previously made out with her in the last episode, decide it’s time to talk it out and share their similar experiences. He tries to devise a plan with Juliette to retrieve the spice antidote that he never managed to get last time. Later, Nick attempts to hint at the cat scratch again and encourage Juliette to be more apprehensive of its significance so that he can explain the things he see more appropriately, but Bitsie’s strong denial is becoming a greater obstacle for each side to be honest with each other. Renard makes another visit to the Spice shop, pleading Monroe (Silas Weir) to keep his situation private. Unfortunately, Monroe is not offering him what he wants as he needs a lot of time to diagnose the condition properly.


Nevertheless, Renard chooses not to waste any more time and goes ahead with the in depth ‘consultation’. Monroe willingly closes the shop the next day to accommodate Renard and his “mystery obsession” and shock and horror ensues when he realizes it’s Juliette.


“To Protect and Serve Man” definitely felt like a wholesome episode. The story was refreshing as it’s really exciting to see Hank take control of a case. Hank is becoming a wonderful character to watch, and his attitude is definitely admirable. Unlike Nick, Hank has a way with words and convincing people to trust him, a quality that I’m sure Nick will eventually learn from in dealing with Juliette. Hank developed a very poignant bond with the person of interest after he saved him from execution and additionally maintains great dignity and respect in his role, something that was evident as he chose to reflect on a case that occurred so long ago and taking responsibility for finishing what he started. I definitely enjoy seeing his increasing involvement with the Wesen world! Looks like there’s just one more thing he’s going to have to face. Adeline and the Hexenbiest species.

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