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Griffin Peterson – American Idol 12 – Audition

Griffin Peterson auditioned for American Idol 12 in Chicago and Nicki Minaj had the hots for him! In fact, this was the only reason he got through. I love Nicki!

“I don’t discriminate!”

Griffin Peterson  American Idol 12  Audition

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Nice! Okay I know whom to vote for now :)


super hot! :) like crazy! haha! wish he made it to top 10! and yes dear rickey, nicki minaj is the voice of the people! love love her! 

but i love mikhail more.. i think he is way hotter.. i miss his profile picture with his face on it.. :) haha!

Idol cookie
Idol cookie

@MikaelaCruz Mikhail is so much cuter than this boy. Check out his Facebook and there's a link on it to his work web page and personal blog. Beach photos FTW! Wish he was bi.