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Grant Gustin of ‘Glee’ cast as The Flash in ‘Arrow’

Grant Gustin has been cast as The Flash in The CW’s Arrow. OMG OMG OMG!

Grant played Sebastian Smythe of The Dalton Academy Warblers in Glee.

This is so exciting! There is a possibility that The Flash will become a spin-off show. The Flash is my absolute favorite hero of all time. Barry Allen forever!!!

The Flash is scheduled to appear in three episodes of The CW’s Arrow — eight, nine and 20. Episode 20 will serve as the backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff Flash series.

Grant Gustin of 'Glee' cast as The Flash in 'Arrow'

Grant Gustin of ‘Glee’ cast as The Flash in ‘Arrow’

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Amanda 1
Amanda 1

My little sister will be so happy, she loves him on Glee and just recently caught up with Arrow because of Colton Haynes.


Love Grant; I'm a big fan.. This is a huge break for him. Wanted to see more of his singing and dancing in Glee, but I am happy for him.

Rickey moderator

@MauiKane This is as big a break as it can get. He could possibly be the star in his own series next season.