Glee – Will Brittany and Santana Kiss?


So he says to After Ellen. I’ll believe it when I see it.

So, of course, I went straight to the source. Ryan, what’s the deal with that kiss?

“We’re filming that episode on Monday,” he told me — and he said there will definitely be a kiss between them. “Maybe more.”

I told him how much lesbians like the storyline and he said, “Really? Then I need to put them in there making out all the time so people can get used to seeing it.”

Santana seemed pretty cozy with Puck so I wonder what will draw her and Brittany together. Or will it just be a quick kiss just so they can say they did it? Hopefully not. This subject really shouldn’t be taboo. I just hope they do it justice. I mean just last week on Abc Family, Pretty Little Liars had a full on girl on girl make out session. I could care less about angry parent groups that need to get over themselves. Bring on Brittana.


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