Glee – What Makes You Beautiful – Video

Here’s the video of Glee covering ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction.

OMG, it’s so not better than the original. Why are they even doing this? Glee is trying to cash in on 1D’s fame and fails! I’m so disappointed.

Watch the video here:

Glee  What Makes You Beautiful  Video

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The cast, the writers and producers needs to be replaced ASAP! they should bring on Deandre for the new round of freshman Gleeks :]

Theresa Aberham
Theresa Aberham

I wish this show would do original music. I stopped watching because they just sing popular music and most of the time ruin it. Just saying.

Amanda 1
Amanda 1

Wow, why does the chorus sound so wimpy??? It's like they purposely made it sound high-pitched and autotuned.