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Glee welcomes Jessica Sanchez – Video

Jessica Sanchez plays Frida Romero in the Glee Season 4 Finale!

This is perfect promo for her debut album! What a superstar!

American Idol’s Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez guest stars as Frida Romero, a student from a rival high school. Jessica is a longtime fan of the show, and the cast couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board!

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I love Mikhail's opinions and the responses from the people who take it to heart. They both make for a good read.


I agree, this season of Glee was TERRIBLE/unwatchable but I think Jessica sounds alright on "Wings". I wonder why Fox is all Little Mix crazy these days? Is this a tactic to revive X-Factor USA with a success story?


I first read your comment and I immediately thought:

"Hey, an Idol hater. Just like that basher Mikhail XO that loathes everything and anything under the sun."

I then read who posted it. Oh great. It's the same guy.