Glee – Season 5 Episode 2 – Recap – Tina In The Sky With Diamonds

Yeast-I-Stat - Glee

Yeast-I-Stat – Glee

It’s another year of prom at McKinley. What are they gonna fill the rest of the season with if we’re already near the end of the school year?

Here is our recap for season 5 episode 2 of Glee: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds.

Last week, Sam had promised to take Tina to the prom but now wishes he was going with someone “he actually cares about.” Um, rude. Tina doesn’t need him anyway and ends up going with a bunch of single girls. Prom King nominations: Stoner Brett, Blaine, and Artie. Prom Queen nominations: Kitty and Tina. Thrilled at her nomination, Tina begins a solo of “Revolution” only to have it cut short a few seconds in. Love the continuity.

New head Cheerio and mean girl Bree makes it her mission to destroy Tina to secure that a Cheerio wins Prom Queen. She enlists the help of a nerdy girl to arrange a scene straight out of Carrie. Instead of pig’s blood, it’s a whole lot of cherry slushie. As Tina wins Prom Queen, it is dumped all over her. Why does this show hate Tina so much? The group convinces her to stay with a random performance of “Hey Jude.” I’m happy Tina’s happy but this whole scene is weird. In case you’re wondering, Stoner Brett is Prom King.

Instead of punishing her, Sue promotes Bree to captain and asks that she continue to torture the Glee club. As for Sam, he engages in an inappropriate relationship with the new hot nurse and I’m disturbed when she gives him a shot in the bum.

Dantana Glee

Dantana Glee

Over in New York, Santana has landed her first gig in a yeast infection commercial. Yeast-I-Stat! “I like yeast in my bagel, but not my muffin.” LOL. Santana is a busy bee this week. She gets a new girlfriend, Dani (guest star Demi Lovato). The duo give the only performance of the night that doesn’t have me reaching for my earplugs. “Here Comes The Sun” is just lovely.

The diner gets one new employee as Kurt gets a job there with his friends. On his first night, the trio have something to celebrate as Rachel learns she has gotten the part in Funny Girl. Cut to a performance of “Let It Be” that spans across the nation. This is nice and all but let’s face it, we’re all waiting for the preview for next week.

I wept openly when I saw it.


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