Glee – Season 4 Episode 22 – Finale Recap – All Or Nothing

The finale of Glee goes out with a bang as the identity of the catfish is revealed! Plus a heartbreaking goodbye and a memorable regionals excursion make for one memorable season ender!

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The episode starts with Brittany at a meeting with two people from MIT, who shockingly think it’s possible she “might be the most brilliant scientific mind since Albert Einstein,” due in part to the accidental creation of ‘The Brittany Code.’ Despite filling out her Scantron in crayon, the men are willing to make a compromise with Brittany by offering her early admission to MIT!

While the kids and Schuester prep for battle against the Hoosierdaddies, Rachel has her final callback for Funny Girl and sings her ass off with Celine Dion’s “To Love Your More.” Rachel sounds amazing, as always, and the panel seems kind of impressed. I hope she gets in! I’d also like to see a bit more of Kate Hudson next season as Rachel’s mentor in the ways of Broadway showmanship, so I think they could easily tie these two things together.

Rachel callback

Blaine is still centered on proposing to Kurt, even though Sam isn’t being all that supportive as Blaine’s BFF. In glee club, Joe and Sugar are back from out of the woodwork to fill the spots at regionals, and as soon as Brittany shows up she immediately begins to act like a total diva and push the others away, metaphorically speaking anyway. She breaks up with Sam, demands all the solos, and storms out. She even makes a 95 thesis for all the reasons she is going to quit the Cheerios and *gasp* lights her uniform on fire! In the middle of glee rehearsal, Ryder has a breakdown and demands the catfish reveal themselves or he isn’t participating. Blake Jenner’s acting in this scene alone is proof enough that he deserved that win for the Glee Project. Lo and behold: Marley admits to being the catfish. Jake says it just started as a joke… Like Sue’s confession about bringing the gun to school, though, this confession is suspicious and it remains quite clear that Marley is just covering for someone else.

Blaine is at a jeweler with Tina searching for a ring for Kurt when an elderly woman Jan (played by Patty Duke) takes an interest in them. She softly pries about Blaine’s relationship with Kurt, then reveals she is in a lesbian relationship with a woman since they met long ago at a Styx concert. She gives some wise advice about love and offers to be Blaine’s gay mentor (especially after the awkwardness of Sam’s entrance and mentioning that Blaine wants “to do me.”)

Blaine and Jan

Will and Sue stage an intervention for Brittany, which she only agrees to listen to outside of the stuff room and inside her amazing talkshow, Fondue For Two. It’s here that Brittany finally reveals the identity of Sue’s celeb baby daddy: Michael Bolton. While their “intervention” pretty much hits a brick wall, Sam calls up Santana super worried about Brittany. Kurt and Blaine go on a cute double date with Jan and her girlfriend, and their story is super cute and feels very real. They “camped out” for the grand opening of Breadstix 30 years ago! Jan proposes to her girlfriend right on the spot… and she says yes!

Ryder directly confronts Marley about the catfishing incident, but before she can really say much, Unique comes forward and admits it was actually him. Ryder seems a little less angry than you’d expect after his freakout in the choir room, but makes it pretty clear to Unique that he never wants to talk to him… ever again. Brittany spills a big secret to Santana as well (early admission to MIT, nothing new here.)


With some drama out of the way, it’s time for regionals! I kind of miss the days when every competition had some awesome stunt celebrity judges, but maybe Glee is holding out for some really explosive ones for Nationals? Lindsay Lohan, Kathy Griffin, and Josh Groban need to come back. The competitions kick off with some Waffletoots (where do they come up with these names? Honestly…) singing “Rainbow Connection” from The Muppets, which is a total missed opportunity for an explosive closing New Directions number. Seriously, I’d love it. Ryder tells Schue backstage that he won’t be returning for glee club next season (you gonna let a catfish bring you down? gtfo!)

Next up we have the Hoosierdaddies, who are phenomenal thanks to Jessica Sanchez (who got zero character development, by the way. Not even a bitchy retort backstage? At least Sunshine got some solid development even if it wasn’t anything special). They sing “Clarity” and “Wings.” And by ‘they’ I mean Jessica Sanchez. After that one-woman show, we are given one of the most touching and effective goodbyes this show has seen: we have to say bye to Brittany. It’s heartfelt and beautiful and if you’re a fan of the show I dare you not to cry as Britt says farewell to glee club. New Directions perform “Hall of Fame” and “I Love It” which are both too epic for words. And then comes the original song “All Or Nothing”, which is a nice showcase for Blaine and Marley. I didn’t love this song completely, but I have a feeling it will probably grow on me. First place goes to… NEW DIRECTIONS!

Jessica Sanchez

To top off an amazing episode, we also get a surprise impromptu wedding: Will and Emma! I have been waiting for this moment since the first few episodes when their relationship was still young and fresh! Emma’s “romantic speech” is touching and beautiful and perfect. I love them together. Wemma forever! Seeing Blaine with the ring behind him gave me goosebumps. What will next season hold for our favorite crew of motley losers?

What did you guys think of the Glee season finale? Will you be tuning in next season? No Blaine proposal and no Finn made me a little upset, but the really intimate character moments more than made up for some minor annoyances. I don’t care, I loved it. I thought the final couple episodes of this season could have been a little bit stronger, but I still really enjoyed them as a whole. This season was fantastic overall and kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Kurt and Blaine

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