Glee – Season 4 Episode 19 – Recap – Sweet Dreams

Glee fast approaches its final episodes of season 4 with tonight’s fun hour that brings Finn back to the glee club. Gotta love a happy reunion! Rachel’s Funny Girl audition is also a centerpiece that sees Idina Menzel returning as Shelby. Check out the full recap for Glee season 4 episode 19 Sweet Dreams.

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Finn is loving college at Lima University, especially since every day is a party when he’s in the presence of Puck. Yep, it’s a dream duo (at least for this one episode) as Puck and Finn party their lives away, all despite the minor detail that Puck doesn’t actually go to school there. No biggie, right?

Rachel is all agitated about her Funny Girl audition and is especially having trouble trying to figure out what song to sing. Strangely, she doesn’t go to Kurt this time, which is especially odd considering she recently helped him with song choice when he performed at the NYADA showcase.

At McKinley, Roz has taken over the Cheerios now that Sue is gone, and she has no problem rubbing it in everyone’s face. Beiste tries to talk Shue into making an effort to fix things with Finn. Marley notices some odd things going on with the glee clubbers since the fake shooting incident. Sam has a fake twin named Evan Evans, Tina is dressing all goth-chicky again, and Unique is popping birth control pills. During glee club, Mr. Schue announces the theme for nationals is going to be “dreams” and he has a setlist picked out of all oldies. Marley wants to do original songs and Blaine wants to do current songs, but Mr. Schue won’t hear any of it. In fact, he gets kind of mean about it. When they reconvene, he is more than upset that the kids have decided not to rehearse his songs and have suggestions of their own. He even belittles the students by making digs at them. Shame on you, Shue!

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Shue goes to visit Finn at college to apologize for the way he acted toward him initially, but Finn is busy having the time of his life and charging girls to use his water slide by stripping off their bikinis. I’m gonna chalk this one up to the Puckerman influence, or to Finn getting a little out of control all by himself. He basically snubs Schue’s apology despite Schue’s pleas for him to return and help coach glee. I have to say that Finn can really pull off that Hawaiian-Style shirt, and that’s certainly no easy feat. Later on, Finn and Puck rock out to “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)” at a fraternity and everyone loves them. A couple bros from the fraternity even accept the two of them into their frat, letting them surpass pledging. Despite this being a one-episode kind of thing, I say without shame that I wouldn’t mind watching a spinoff based strictly on Finn and Puck doing moronic things together. Honestly, I’d watch it every day.

Rachel is practicing her butt off for that audition when Shelby stops by the NYADA room Rachel happens to be practicing in to offer some tips. What a coincidence. Hey, mother who abandoned me! Help me pick my rehearsal song! Nonetheless, Shelby actually gives Rachel some good advice: if she wants to make an impression, Rachel needs to do something other than Barbra. As “practice” the two of them sing a song I’ve never heard before called “Next to Me” and they both sound amazing. Obviously.

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Back in the choir room, Marley gets together with Sam, Blaine, and Unique to bring to life one of the songs she has written, titled “You Have More Friends Than You Know.” The song is pretty bad, but maybe it will grow on me after a few listens. The glee clubbers seem to think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and are dying to show it to Mr. Schue, who has actually been secretly watching from the sidelines while the four of them performed. He walks off without saying anything.

Rachel makes a call to Finn for moral support, and he urges her to pick a song for the audition that is very close to her and can “bring her back to her roots.” This scene (and any Finchel scene, really) just shows how great the chemistry still is between these two. She even sounds thankful for what Finn did to Brody. He deserved it, let’s be real here. Taking to heart the advice Finn gave her, Rachel performs “Don’t Stop Believin’” at her audition. Yes, this is the third rendition of this song in only four seasons on this show. Yes, on paper it sounds like a boring retread. Rachel’s audition brings back Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, and Finn all onstage again to assist with backup vocals and it easily becomes one of the best moments of this season. Her voice sounds amazing, too. Bravo, Glee.

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After missing a test in one of his classes, Finn is scolded by Puck, who has turned a new leaf. While Puck is still not anxious to register for any classes, he vows to stick by Finn and keep him in shape. The funniest (and probably most random) moment comes when Roz calls in the two captains of the Cheerios (Blaine and Becky) and makes both of them vow not to put a witchy hex on her. The line delivery here is hilarious and both Blaine and Becky work off of each other so well. Blaine notices in this moment that Becky is acting a little off about what happened with Sue and the whole gun situation, and when he confronts her about it, Becky gets especially testy.

Finn and Schue have a touching little scene together in the auditorium, where both essentially acknowledge each other’s apologies. Finn now gets to teach there for college credit next to Schue, and one of the only things he asks is that he be treated like a teacher as well. The bro-hug seals the deal as the Will and Finn feud finally reaches its end. Schue welcomes Finn back into the glee club and basically apologizes to everyone for his behavior all episode by showering them with compliments. Well, that works too I suppose. Rachel also gets word on her Funny Girl audition: she has a callback! The closing song is another original, “Outcast”, which I actually loved instantly. Is this going to be another season finale/trip to nationals with original songs?

What did you think of “Sweet Dreams”? Are you happy Finn is back as one of the coaches of the glee club? Personally I think the promo for next week’s episode looks rather sweet indeed. Bring it on!

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