Glee – Season 4 Episode 17 – Recap – Guilty Pleasures

This week, Glee covers Abba, Spice Girls, Wham!, and more in a fun, lighthearted episode with one sucker-punch of a Radiohead cover thrown in for good measure. Check out the full recap for Glee season 4 episode 17 “Guilty Pleasures.”

Glee Wham!

Almost as soon as the episode begins, we are thrust into our trusty theme of the week: this time, as the name would suggest, it’s all about guilty pleasures. Blaine confronts Sam after catching him hoarding some macaroni from the school cafeteria, but it turns out that Sam is actually just really talented when it comes to macaroni art. I’d hang up that Kurt one, honestly. For a second it seems like Blaine might actually confess his feelings for Sam, but alas, Wham! gets all the guilty pleasure love from Blaine. Since Schue is out sick, who better to lead the glee club with the theme-of-the-week than everyone’s favorite gay-straight duo Blaine and Sam? What better way to show off their brotherly love with an awesome 80’s number in Wham!’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

Blam singing Wham!

Brittany’s newest guest on Fondue for Two is Kitty, and she admits her guilty pleasure, but will only will only whisper it for fear of embarrassment. Spoiler: it’s the Spice Girls. Kurt is also afraid to own up to something he is embarrassed about owning: the boyfriend pillow (he names his Bruce.) Brody has moved out quietly and with no explanation from the place Kurt is staying with Rachel and Santana, and in a fleeting moment of girl-bonding, Santana and Rachel discover Kurt’s boyfriend pillow… and they love it. Sam also admits to Blaine that his guilty pleasure is something far worse than the thought of making man-love to Blaine: Sam loves Barry Manilow. What better way to show off his love than singing about it? “Copacabana” is surprisingly really fitting with Sam’s voice and I love the number, but like the song itself it is undoubtedly instantly forgettable. Surprisingly for Sam, everyone actually secretly loves Barry Manilow anyway.

When the Glee club girls have a little spat over who should be which Spice Girl, Tina brings in a real zinger: Jake is planning to do a Chris Brown song, which Marley is totally flabbergasted about. When the group confronts Jake about Chris Brown, he states the obvious: we shouldn’t judge a singer or actor based upon their personal life. Still, the chat seems to get to him a little, since the last thing Jake wants to do is upset Marley. In a fleeting moment where Rachel has hope she will get back together with Brody, Santana lets it spill: he was a gigolo. Blaine spills his feeling about Sam in “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”, and though he claims to be singing about Kurt it remains all too obvious where his affections currently lie. Darren’s voice is natural and flawless and Blaine on the piano is always welcome to me.

New Directions as Spice Girls

The girls of the glee club perform a really fun version of “Wannabe” (who doesn’t love the Spice Girls, honestly?) and instead of doing Chris Brown, Jake picks a different song from another Brown: Bobby Brown. “My Prerogative” is an amazing song and Jake’s dance moves are stellar, but changing his pick to Bobby Brown definitely doesn’t make much of a difference given the singer’s reputation. Jake and Marley are still good, though, which strangely needs clarification. Who actually gets in a serious fight over a singer? Jarley is one of the cutest couples on the show, let’s be real.

Rachel visits Brody at NYADA where she confronts him about his man-whore ways where he happens to be sporting a black eye. Rachel seems surprised to learn that Finn gave him the shiner, a moment that really seems to tug at Rachel’s heartstrings. She is finally able to admit that her relationship with Brody was never something that felt real or serious enough to her, and the Rachel and Brody romance is officially finished by the time they finish Radiohead’s “Creep.” This is my favorite musical number of the episode and it really hits deep. Good riddance Brody! Or will we still see him around lurking the NYADA halls?

Boyfriend Pillows

Sam confronts Blaine (FINALLY!) about the feelings he knows Blaine has been having toward him, but he is shockingly cool about it and not weirded out at all. The two of them hug it out and Blam shippers everywhere rejoice and weep simultaneously. Rachel tells Kurt and Santana that she is all ready for her Funny Girl audition and to date some older guys and of course heaps praise all over Santana for her loyalty. She also picks out her favorite guilty pleasure movie that leads into the last musical number: “Mamma Mia.” The whole group looks great and hearing both the McKinley club and the NYADA pals together for a number was really fascinating and lovely and needs to be done more.

What did you guys think of Guilty Pleasures? I can’t even fathom how this show is going on yet another break (really?!), but set your calendars: April 11th marks Glee’s triumphant return for the final five episodes of season 4. See you then!

Finn Hudson

Some of my favorite lines from this week’s show:

“Hey uh just curious uh… are you gonna go over to his house and straddle him while he’s passed and rub some ointment on his chest?” -Sam, to Tina about Schue being out with the flu
“Lord Tubbington’s guilty pleasure is Scientology.” -Brittany
“You think I can just come out to everyone and say that I’m a Fanilow?” -Sam, on his love for Barry Manilow
“Frankly, I am an attractive guy and you are into dudes and if you weren’t into me I’d probably be pretty offended.” -Sam, on Blaine’s man-crush
“Dude, please tell me that that is a pack of Lifesavers in your pocket…” -Sam, on the bulge he feels in Blaine’s pants
“I swear I will never doubt your psychic Mexican third eye again.” -Rachel, on Santana’s uncanny senses

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