Glee – Season 4 Episode 15 – Recap – Girls (and Boys) On Film

Here’s the recap of Glee Season 4 Episode 15: “Girls (and Boys) On Film” on FOX. With Video and Screencaps. I love this show!

Glee is back and just as brilliant as ever! An ode to the movies brings lots of drama and some powerful vocal performances. I love this show!

Like many of the best episodes, it opens with a marvelous musical number! “You’re All the World to Me” from Royal Wedding, which I’ve never seen myself but the song is swell. Will and Emma both have voices that really suit each other. Will wakes up to the movie on his TV, with no Emma beside him. The next day in the choir room Will introduces a new competition where the guys and girls will pick songs from their favorite movies. Artie also offers starring roles in his new feature to the winning team. I was particularly fond of Sam’s Nic Cage impression, let’s be honest.

I was fully expecting a rehash of the Kurt-wants-to-be-on-the-girls-side-but-Mr-Schue-won’t-let-him storyline, but thankfully this isn’t even mentioned at all. I guess Unique is just not considered to be a dude on any level anymore? Blaine suggests to the others that they have a cool warm up song to get both teams ready, with the monumental 500th musical number. “Shout” from Animal House is a pretty great choice, especially with all the energy they put into the number.

Finn keeps on Will’s case about finding Emma because he’s worried, which is totally cute. Will is being lazy and not really making an effort to find Emma, so Finn goes to the last person you’d expect for help: Sue Sylvester. She doesn’t know anything though, and after being attacked with her many insults, Finn goes to Artie and takes interest in the suggestion to track down Emma’s parents.

In NYC, Santana is mourning her the fact that she’s stuck in a gay horror movie made by Eli Roth and dropping bombs in front of Kurt and his new hubby (like the fact that he hooked up with Blaine at Emma and Will’s almost-wedding). All snowed in, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Adam sit down to watch Moulin Rouge. In the episode’s most emotionally moving number, Blaine and Kurt duet together on “Come What May”, only in Kurt’s mind of course. Things get awkward when Kurt gets tears in his eyes and Santana makes a dig at how he’s probably upset because this was supposed to be his wedding song with Blaine. There’s no time to linger on Kurt’s feelings, though, because Santana just goes right into the next dirt she’s dug up: she suspects Brody is a drug dealer because she found a TON of cash and a pager while snooping through the apartment. Rachel even calls Brody to put Santana’s suspicions to rest, but the tone of his voice and urgency to get off the phone is definitely a little fishy.

Finn and Artie are able to get Emma’s address after inviting her parents to the school and posing as the “Stop Ginger Bullying Club”, complete with red wigs and all (even though they don’t smell like pennies). Before they take action, though, it’s time for those movie mash-ups! The guys do “Old Time Rock and Roll / Danger Zone” which is just as amazing as it sounds. Sam, Ryder, and Jake in underwear is enough to make any number memorable by itself, but even without the visuals, the vocals are perfection. The girls aren’t as good, and “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend / Material Girl” is easily the weakest musical number of this episode. Before the girls even go on though, Marley tells Kitty that Ryder kissed her but Kitty seems strangely okay with it.

Adam confronts Kurt about whether or not he’s over Blaine (he’s clearly not) but instead of just backing off, Adam asserts himself and tells Kurt they’re going to a nice romantic movie and making new memories. Still not sure how I feel about the character in general, but I definitely DON’T like Adam with Kurt. It just doesn’t gel right honestly. Finn convinces Mr. Schue to go find Emma at her sister’s place, and like a true romantic he serenades her with the whole glee club singing “In Your Eyes” from Say Anything. After the number, he bids farewell to the glee kids so he can talk to Emma alone and she admits the reason she ran was because she didn’t feel like she knew him anymore. They both agree to start things fresh, which feels genuine. Guess we won’t be seeing a rescheduled wedding anytime soon? Still, it’s a definite step in the right direction. Wemma is one of my favorite couples on the show!

Santana and Rachel have a heart-to-heart when Santana reveals she also found a pregnancy test in the trash can. After she says it, Rachel can’t even hold back her tears and it’s obvious she needed a shoulder to cry on besides Kurt. Meanwhile, another heartfelt moment occurs between Jake and Marley. He admits to her that he wasn’t responsible for any of the romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day, but he has a whole pottery wheel thing for her just like in Ghost. Cutest setup ever? I think so. The imagery alone brings back the feeling of the movie and that song kills me every time. Jake and Ryder duet on “Unchained Melody”, because Marley is thinking about both of them at the same time. After the song and mushing their hands through all this pottery, Marley admits to Jake that Ryder kissed her and he just storms out. Way to talk things through, guys.

Back in glee club, Schue reveals that everyone wins (typical) and Artie has enough spots for everyone in his little film. C’mon now, it should be a landslide win for guys, i mean honestly. Finn takes him moment and reveals something I wish he never said: that he kissed Emma. Mr. Schue doesn’t even punch him, he just walks away after the big reveal looking quite distraught. On a much happier note, the episode closes out with a fun song “Footloose.”

I thought this was one of the most energetic and fun episodes of the season with lots of drama to bring us toward the season finale. What did you think of this episode of Glee? Did your DVR cut off the last three minutes? Because mine certainly did.

A few of my favorite quotes of the episode:

“We should do The Artist so we don’t have to sing!” -Sugar
“Well I assume she’s checked into some ginger asylum somewhere now that she’s escaped from Will Schuester’s living dollhouse of the damned.” -Sue
“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” -Finn
“It’s like Eli Roth decided to make a gay horror movie and this is the scene right before we all eat each other.” -Santana
“Gingers smell like pennies.” -Mr. Pillsbury
“When Rusty’s away on one of his business trips to Ecuador and I’m really missing him, sometimes I shove my face into a bowl full of loose change and inhale really deeply and it’s like he’s sitting right next to me.” -Mrs. Pillsbury

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