Gerard Butler Taking Over Patrick Swayze Role in ‘Point Break’ Remake

So there’s apparently going to be a Point Break remake. Everybody remembers Point Break, right? The classic 1991 action movie starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze? Great flick.

Of course, Hollywood isn’t really in the business of leaving well enough alone, so Point Break is getting a remake. But that’s not really the big news. The real story is in who they’ve gotten to star.

Gerard Butler has signed on to take over the role of Bodhi, originated by the late Patrick Swayze in the original film, which was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who would go on to become the first female to win the Best Director Oscar (for 2009’s The Hurt Locker). As in the original, Bodhi is an expert extreme sports athlete who also “seeks to find nirvana through the conquest of a series of athletic feats such as surfing 100-waves. He saves Johnny Utah, the undercover FBI agent, and brings him into the fold of international criminals.” The part of Utah, originated by Keanu Reeves, has yet to be cast.

Kurt Wimmer wrote the script for the new film, which will retain the original character names as well as the premise of an FBI agent infiltrating a crime ring against the backdrop of the California surf scene.

Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove are producing alongside Michael DeLuca, John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor and Wimmer. No production start date has been announced, nor is a release date scheduled, although one would imagine this would be an ideal summer release.

So what do you think of a potential Point Break remake? How about the casting of Butler in the Swayze role? And who should take over the Keanu Reeves role? Sound off in the comments!

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

Gerard Butler Taking Over Patrick Swayze Role in 'Point Break' Remake

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