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Gay Contestants – The Voice: 4, American Idol: 0

Gay Contestants The Voice

Here’s another reason why The Voice is better than American Idol: gay contestants are openly gay. There are 4 gay contestants on The Voice heading into the Battle Rounds next week: Vicci Martinez, Nakia, Tyler Robinson, and Beverly McClellan.

(At one point, Howard and I suspected there may be a T in there somewhere, but that’s a subject for our Secret Show with Special Guest Jim Cantiello on Thursday nights.)

American Idol currently has no gay contestants. A lot of people suspect that Jacob Lusk might be gay but he’s been seen “hitting” on women on the show. I really hope Jacob is straight because if he comes out later, it would mean that he was trying to cover up for the show, which makes me sad. It’s also possible that Jacob is too young and not yet aware of his sexuality. It gets better, Jacob. It gets better.

From Advocate:

For 10 seasons of American Idol, fans in search of a gay superstar have almost always had to wait until a contestant was kicked off for him to come out — even when the guyliner, teased hair, and viral videos of same-sex lip locks made it pretty obvious.

There’s no need to wait on NBC’s new vocal competition, The Voice. The show boasts four gay contestants — two men and two women — heading into the battle round. Meet Vicci Martinez, Nakia, Tyler Robinson, and Beverly McClellan.

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