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Gawker argues First Amendment protection in Hulk Hogan sex tape case

Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Credit: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Professional wrestling legend Hulk Hogan had his spot blown up last year following the release of a sex tape with the wife of his close friend, radio host Bubba the Love Sponge (which apparently is a name a human being willingly adopted).

Upon its release, Hogan took responsibility for filming the lurid video, though that didn’t stop him from filing a lawsuit against Gawker, the site that first released a clip of the sex tape, seeking $100 million in damages.

He hasn’t been awarded any damages yet, but E! News is reporting that a Florida state judge has granted Hogan’s request for a temporary restraining order that bars the media from posting clips of his sex tape.

The judge specifically ordered Gawker to remove all footage of the tape from its site and affiliates and to return all copies and versions of the tape — including excerpts, photos, clips and transcripts — to Hogan’s attorneys.

So far Gawker has only complied in taking down the segment of the sex tape.

Gawker, holding fast to their right to provide the world with detailed descriptions of orange-tanned flesh rolling around on a poorly-lit mattress, writes in response to the injunction:

“We publish all manner of stories here. Some are serious, some are frivolous, some are dumb. I am not going to make a case that the future of the Republic rises or falls on the ability of the general public to watch a video of Hulk Hogan f***ing his friend’s ex-wife. But the Constitution does unambiguously accord us the right to publish true things about public figures. And Campbell’s order requiring us to take down not only a very brief, highly edited video excerpt from a 30-minute Hulk Hogan f***ing session but also a lengthy written account from someone who had watched the entirety of that f***ing session, is risible and contemptuous of centuries of First Amendment jurisprudence.”

Hogan previously settled a separate lawsuit with Bubba the Love Sponge and his wife, Heather Clem, outside of court.

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