‘Game of Thrones’ Returns with Record High Ratings

HBO "Game of Thrones"

HBO “Game of Thrones”

4.4 million viewers tuned in to watch Daenerys Stormborm sail into Astapor, Jon Snow play double agent crow, and Sansa Stark count ships during the Season 3 Premiere of Game of Thrones! That’s up 13% from the Season 2 Premiere and 4% from the Season 2 Finale! In total, encore showings included, Game of Thrones amassed 6.7 million viewers in total, up 7% from Season 2’s opening night ratings.

What did you think of the Season 3 Premiere of Game of Thrones? Looking to catch up? Check out my Recap of Episode 1!

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MauiKane 1 Like

GREAT! I did not mind that there were so many story lines; should not bother any readers of George RR Martin's books. Can't wait for them to unfold throughout the season. 

My favorite moment: The dragon diving, catching, roasting and chomping on its fish dinner; then being stroked affectionately by Mommy Daenerys.