Fox pulls ‘Ben and Kate’ from its schedule

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

FOX has decided to pull freshman comedy ‘Ben and Kate’ from its schedule.

While not a full cancellation, this move more or less confirms that the show isn’t long for this world. The critically-acclaimed/low-rated (those adjectives seem to go hand-in-hand, unfortunately) series is in the middle of filming episode 15 of its 18-episode run, so if there’s a silver lining in this, it’s that it’s looking like the series will at least have the opportunity to wrap up its storylines and have itself a proper finale.

This decision is indicative of FOX’s problems with the Tuesday night comedy bloc this season, which FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly discussed at TCA Press Tour two weeks ago. “Of all the frustrations we had in the fall, our Tuesday comedy bloc was probably the biggest one, because I believe in those shows,” said Reilly, who admitted that the network should have committed its efforts to promotion ‘New Girl’ as the anchor of the bloc, instead of promoting each comedy equally. “I still would’ve gone with those comedies, but I would’ve really promoted ‘New Girl’ — solely ‘New Girl’ — rather than a bloc, because they didn’t know the other shows, and we needed ‘New Girl’ to be even stronger and more of a destination, and I think that suffered by being lumped in with other shows they didn’t quite know.”

Shows, unfortunately, like ‘Ben and Kate’.

Beginning March 3, Fox’s two-hour comedy bloc comes to an end for the season, being replaced with new airings of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Until then, ‘Raising Hope’ will occupy the timeslot vacated by ‘Ben And Kate’, airing back-to-back new episodes until March 28, when it will air its hour-long finale after ‘American Idol’.

Between this news and the cancellation of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (and the similar, less earth-shattering cancellation of TBS’s The Wedding Band), it hasn’t been a good week for sitcoms.

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