Fiona Apple – Dull Tool – MP3 Listen

Here’s Fiona Apple “Dull Tool” from the This is 40 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Fiona wrote this song for the film so she is eligible for an Oscar nomination. This sounds really good!!!

Fiona Apple  Dull Tool  MP3 Listen

Via Vulture

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Music Dull ToolFiona AppleMP3

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Technically, she's only eligible for the Oscar if the song appears in the body of the film itself for at least 90 seconds, or if it is the first music cue when the credits roll. I've been covering the Oscars for ten years, and the way the music rules have changed has gotten kind of ridiculous over the years.

I enjoy the hell out of this song though, and I would love to be able to say "Academy Award nominee Fiona Apple."


Some ears are burning.  Great lyrics and melody.