Filipino congressmen want to ban Justin Bieber for posting Pacquiao memes

Filipino congressmen have proposed to ban pop star Justin Bieber from performing in the country after he posted memes on Instagram of Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao’s loss – which was ridiculed and made a mockery of by many.

They have written a resolution demanding an apology from the singer

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Pacquiao released a statement saying he would pray for Beiber, but fellow Filipino politicians have not been quite so passive.

“Mr. Bieber should have known that the Hon. Pacquiao has reached his stature as such as a result of sheer hard work, determination and firm belief in God, and despite such stature best exemplifies humility and grace even in defeat,” said a collection of seven congressmen for the Philippines.

The members have filed a resolution demanding an apology from Bieber for what they deem “distasteful comments … lest he be declared persona non grata”.

Source: Yahoo!


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