Fifth Harmony – Me and My Girls – MP3 Leak

Fifth Harmony - Me & My Girls - MP3 Leak
This is prime time for Fifth Harmony fans. With the quintet releasing their first single next week, a new song has leaked! Believe me when I say it’s a must hear.

When the snippet first premiered on Radio Disney earlier and I was going to post it, I was like dang these girls are going to release an album full of fluffy pop rock. But once that hip hop-esque hook came in I was like – “Wait!?” That hook is more twerk-worthy than Miley Cyrus’ whole “We Can’t Stop” song. “Me and My Girls” actually sounds like two different songs. The Demi Lovato leftover poppy rock and then that hook and ending you could hear in the club!

The “I break it down, I break it down” and the harmony that follows is amazing! Why couldn’t the whole song be like that? I feel like the group is stuck between doing urban experimental stuff like that but then catering to the basic top 40. I’m still ambivalent because I don’t prefer most of the song, but the parts I do like, I LOVE. I’m sure the whole product will grow on me.

Side note: This song has leaked and their first single hasn’t even been officially released. Someone needs to do better planning. I see they are treating this like a ‘campaign’ but in actuality the song my should have been released directly after premiere. But it’s alright!

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