Fantasia – Lose to Win – Official Video

American Idol Fantasia takes it old school in the new video for her single “Lose to Win.” Go Fantasia!!

Fantasia has always delivered on her videos. They may not be the most complex works, but they are understated and that works just fine. With that said this is a good video, and it does its job for the most part. I would have liked to see some real colors other than red & sepia, but I guess I’m chilling.
Fantasia - Lose to Win - Official Video

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Klope62 moderator

This obviously won't sell...but it is really a good song and brings me back to flashes of growing up in the 90s.


Being a big fan of Fantasia  during her American Idol days brought me to this website ( back in 2004, and i've been a regular but silent reader to this website ever since... Time flies.... :-)

Mathieu R
Mathieu R

@Klope62 Nice video. Hot male model. Fannie doing her thing. And she's using the beat from The Commodore's "Night Shift". It all adds up to awesomeness, but you're right, it won't sell.