Fantasia Barrino returns to Broadway in ‘After Midnight’

Fantasia Barrino is returning to Broadway! She will be the first of a “rotating roster” of guest star headliners in After Midnight.

Fantasia will perform from October 18, 2013 through February 9, 2014. Let’s hope she doesn’t miss any dates!

Fantasia Barrino returns to Broadway in 'After Midnight'

Fantasia Barrino returns to Broadway in ‘After Midnight’

From Broadway:

Fantasia, we had a hunch! The Grammy winner and American Idol champ will return to the stage in the upcoming Broadway production of After Midnight, in which she’ll be the first in a rotating roster of guest star headliners who will join the show throughout its run. Fantasia will perform from the beginning of previews on October 18 through February 9, 2014, and she will be the headliner when the show has its official opening on November 3.

Conceived by Jack Viertel, After Midnight is an evocative new musical that tackles the sexy, smoky glamour of the Jazz Age, set in the heyday of Duke Ellington’s years at Harlem’s Cotton Club. The ever-changing list of stars is reflective of the Cotton Club’s weekly rotation of guests during its “Celebrity Nights,” which included the likes of Lena Horne, Judy Garland, George Gershwin, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

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