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Fantasia Barrino calls Nancy Grace a liar – Video

American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino “preaches” to her fans in a concert in Chicago last Feb. 14 talking about the late Whitney Houston and how the devil was working against her — but not before calling Nancy Grace a liar. LOL

Fantasia gave birth to a baby boy last December. The father is boyfriend Antwaun Cook who is a married man. Her first pregnancy with him ended in an abortion. Fantasia attempted to commit suicide in 2010 which was documented on her reality show Fantasia For Real while she was promoting her most recent album.

Watch the video here:

From YouTube:

Fantasia spoke about Whitney’s passing at her concert in Chicago February 14, 2012. Says we must pray for people instead of passing judgement

Fantasia Barrino calls Nancy Grace a liar

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Jayne who informed you that Fantasia set out to be anyone's role model? AI was a talent show, not to find the next role model. These celebs can't help that people look up to them, and just like us non famous people, these celebs have their own mess too, because after all, they are just like us, except with more money and access to better resources. So kindly stfu with that mess. Its funny how you paint whitney as the sacrificial lamb and a victim, but in the same breath you demean fantasia. Her comments about whitney was on point and an example of how the industry and continuous media negative influences can make believers of those looking in from the outside, when no one knows the real story except that individual. That was the point of Fanny's comment. Gtfohwtbs.

Jayne Marquit
Jayne Marquit

Jayne Marquit If the devil has ahold of anyone, it would be Fantasia who is probably the worst role model of any American Idol contestant or winner. Whitney Houston was hurt by life, not by the devil. The reality tv show and station that aired it that demeaned Whitney's character to make the big bucks, the ne'er do well man that got a hold of her heart and broke it, people shoving drugs at her in the celeb circle she travelled in, doctors too willing to write prescriptions out of sheer greed. Fantasia Barrino's uneducated words help no one. Whitney's greatest legacy is not the superficial music business, it is her daughter. No young girl wants to hear that her mom was possessed by the devil. Whitney was human and life takes strange twists and turns for the best of us. Prayers to her daughter and I hope Whitney found the peace that alluded her on earth.


I thought we agreed to no more Fantasia.