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Fantasia Barrino – Baby Dallas Xavier First Look Picture

This is two weeks late for me but here it is: The first picture of American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino’s baby with Antwaun Cook: Dallas Xavier!

However there’s catch: Fantasia didn’t post this picture. It was taken by another woman that Antwaun is seeing. Antwaun is cheating on both his not yet ex-wife Paula Cook and Fantasia! Omigosh. And apparently, Antwaun might be trying to get back with Paula. Escandalo!

Baller Alert posted the pic along with juicy details from their source:

So, a source very close to the situation spills a little tea on the relationship of Antwaun Cook, Paula Cook and Fantasia Barrino. The Source says that according to Antwaun, he has been trying to leave Fantasia for some time now but Fantasia continues to beg and cry to be with him. Fantasia lost her home and had to move back to her first house and Antwaun did not follow behind. Fantasia cries that Antwaun isn’t trying to make it work. He claims he doesn’t like the way she treats people and he’ll never go back (although many times he’s slept in her home and said he was “there to see his son”.)

There have been incidents when Fantasia has shown up at Antwaun’s home crying and banging on the door and he wouldn’t let her in. Our Source knows because she is the woman Antwaun is seeing now. She claims Antwaun is very charming and she can see why Fantasia would fall for him but in the end “he ain’t sh-t”. She makes references to rumors that Antwaun may be trying to get back with Paula, his still not ex-wife, saying that they were recently at a party together and it’s very likely Antwaun and his estranged wife hooked up that night. Speaking of parties, Antwaun hasn’t attended a single CIAA party with Fantasia although he was definitely spotted around town. Sucks to be the woman getting cheated on, doesn’t it Fanny?

Fantasia Barrino  Baby Dallas Xavier First Look Picture

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