Falling Skies – Season 3 Episode 9 – Recap – Journey to Xibalba

Falling Skies - Season 3 Episode 9 - Recap - Journey to Xibalba - Title

Falling Skies – Season 3 Episode 9 – Recap – Journey to Xibalba

On this week’s installment of TNT‘s alien invasion human survival melodrama Falling Skies, former professor, president, husband, etc. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) returns to the human survivor settlement Charleston by sailboat somehow. He has a heart-to-heart with his sons, asking his sons to turn their grief over Anne and Alexis’s deaths into rage. I think the deaths are probably a fake-out, but these guys don’t know that because I’m real and they’re fictional so I can’t even tell them.

Anyhow, military strategists Weaver and Old Guy Whose Name I Don’t Know suspect that Tom might have a bug, like how Hal had earlier in the season. Tom has this same worry, but doesn’t consider it likely (or a priority). Regardless, he meets with his top rival John Pope to ensure someone will put a bullet through his traitorous head, should his head prove traitorous. This conversation happens until it’s happening near an explosion, at which point conversation ceases in favor of more pressing matters. Like the explosion, for example. Cochise is injured in the explosion, but luckily he has an alien superpower that makes him regenerate without medical attention. This frees up secret villain Lourdes to go secretly stick a secret bomb inside a secret hidey-hole, secretly. The bomb wrecks a big part of the hospital, collapsing it right on Tom and Marina and Maggie and Hal and probably a lot of background characters that no one cares about.

Falling Skies - Season 3 Episode 9 - Recap - Journey to Xibalba - Cochise

Hal and Maggie remain trapped by themselves in their own part of the hospital, running low on air and unable to dig their escape. After finally setting his machismo aside, Hal gets real for a second: He thinks he might’ve planted the bomb when he was still bugged by the baddies. They eventually lose consciousness, awakening a short while later to angrily bang on a pipe.

Outside the collapsed section of building, Weaver gives a small smile when he sees how enthusiastic Pope is about helping unblock the hospital. The effort is slow-going, but Ben and his weird alien superpowers let them know how far they’ve got to dig and where to dig first for optimum dig efficiency. While searching for another way in, Matt and Ben gets downright morbid. Matt keeps talking death, and how they’re all going to die, and about how being dead is gonna be great because of how much life sucks. Eventually, they hear a pipe being banged on angrily, and woah! It’s Maggie and Hal, up at the other end of a pipe! Maggie gets it open to let in air, while Matt runs off to get an extraction crew.

Falling Skies - Season 3 Episode 9 - Recap - Journey to Xibalba

Meanwhile, in the other parts of the trapped hospital, Tom finds Lourdes pinned under some rubble (ah, clever ruse, you alien scum) and Doctor Kadar hiding in a hole for some reason. Kadar and the other dudes assemble ingredients for more explosions (you know, to solve this explosion-based problem they’re in). After Lourdes comes to, a conversation with Tom leaves him a bit suspicious, but he says nothing until later, when the pieces finally click, and he realizes that Lourdes is the mole! Lourdes is knocked out after a stand-off. The group restrains Lourdes, but she wakes up and starts berating Tom about his decisions. The news of Lourdes’s betrayal rocks the community. Everyone is shocked; after all, Lourdes has saved countless lives. They’ve stopped her treachery, but Cochice fears it is too late. With his fellow Volm dead, there is no one left to operate the weapon. Tom is still hopeful though, the dumb idiot. He always keeps hanging on to hope, even when everything is bad! I guess I’m a bit more cynical than Tom Mason.

This episode was an empty lead-in to the finale. No amount of explosions can top last week’s intensely emotional thrillride through an alternate timeline dreamscape wrought with sadness. Regardless, seeing this much plot movement is still nice, even if the episode itself felt stale. Next week is my last recap for the season, so be sure to check it out. Also, video preview below!

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