American Idol

Ethan Jones – I’ll Be – American Idol Audition

Ethan Jones auditions with ‘I’ll Be’ on American Idol in St. Louis, MO

He dropped out of school to be a full-time musician. I still remember when everyone auditioned with this song in Season One…

Watch the video here:

Ethan Jones  I ll Be  American Idol Audition

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hiya rickey!! what do u mean, he cut himself?! u scared me! thought u meant he removed himself from the show! wth??? he's a cutie, he better stay in it!!! please explain!



do they not have tissues on the Idol audition set?! That was totally distracting with the blood dripping down his head. He was really cute tho and his dad rehab story got me choked up. Nice voice! I have to say i still prefer David Cook's Hollywood audition of "I'll Be" but I'm a huge Cook fan so.....

Rickey moderator

@imaRainbow LOL! And yes, I've been known to be literal.

My avatar is my dog CJ!


omg rickey didn't realize that was u! wow i'm a spazzing moron tonight!