Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary) – A Little More Jesus – MP3 Listen

Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary) - A Little More Jesus - MP3 ListenAfter it was rumored for a while, Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell has stepped out on her own for a side solo-project. The first single is titled “A Little More Jesus.”

I don’t understand why Erica felt the need to do something on her own but I’ll let her live. But let me tell you when she TOOK US TO CHURCH. While Mary Mary usually sticks to contemporary gospel she gave us a good ole Southern Baptist Church feel. Definitely checking for the album.

Sidenote: ThatGrapeJuice, who exclusively premiered the song say:

Fans fearing a break-up should fret not. Reliable sources (as well as Campbell herself) confirm that Mary Mary are still very much a unit and are presently shooting season 3 of their hit WE tv reality show.”

Whew! A relief. Anyway. Look out for Erica!

Via: TGJ

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