Enlightened – Season 2 Finale – Episode 8 – Recap and Review – Agent of Change

We need to save Enlightenedeverybody. After tonight’s Season 2 Finale, there is no way we can go without a third season. So come on, HBO… you know it’s the right thing to do! This show is all about doing the right thing. You helped teach us that! Working? No? Well, we need to get Mike White writing Season 3 right about now, just in case. Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern) has blown her whistle. As I stated during last week’s recap, I hadn’t anticipated that this show would get so suspenseful and even nerve-wracking at times!

HBO "Enlightened"

HBO “Enlightened”

The episode opened with Krista (Sarah Burns) glancing around her empty nursery for the last time before heading to the hospital to give birth. Inducing labor does offer a strange opportunity, huh? It’s probably a funny thing to get to look around the empty house one last time, calmly, before knowing that the baby was going to come. Meanwhile, Amy Jellicoe awoke to one of her final moments of peace before the explosion would occur at Abaddon.

Amy: “Am I the fool? the goat? the witch? Or am I Enlightened?”

Musings and pondering in the garden would have to wait,maybe indefinitely, as all of Amy’s quiet digging was about to amass to whatever she asked for. What it be what she wanted, though? Amy called Tyler (Mike White) to inform him that the article was indeed going to happen. Tyler had been milking one of his last days of wishful thinking with Eileen (Molly Shannon), but Amy’s revelation led him to finally burst. He confessed to Eileen, sending her on a nervous whirlwind towards Abaddon and away from him.

Amy also let Helen (Diane Ladd) in on what was about to go down. Most likely looking for support, and maybe something somewhat congratulatory, Amy was shocked to find Helen criticizing her decisions, claiming this to be, maybe, the dumbest mistake she’d ever made. How could she do that to Abaddon after they took her back following her, you know, “thing”? Was she even getting paid for this? All relevant questions, just not the ones Amy wanted to hear that morning. In the end, the fight led Amy to the brink of eviction from her mother’s home.

Jeff (Dermot Mulroney) called to clue Amy into the fact that someone had spilled the beans. Convinced that Krista had betrayed her trust, Amy rushed to the hospital in order to confront the new mother. Seriously, we’ve had some awkward moments between Amy and Krista, but this had to take the awful cake. Just watching Amy storm through the hospital hallways was cringeworthy, but her actual accusation was the worst. Amy made a fool of herself, of course, and she’d come to realize this when Tyler informed her of Eileen’s anger. Being mortified would have to wait, though, as it was time to face the masses at Abaddon.

Inside, Dougie (Timm Sharp) had kept busy cleaning out Cogentiva for good and saying goodbye to his employees. I appreciated his support for Tyler when he was hauled away for questioning. I also appreciated his support for Amy when she burst in looking to clean out her desk. Connie’s nice “I’ll pray for you” goodbye made me wish we’d seen more of her this season. Hopefully, when Season 3 begins (staying hopeful), she’ll still be involved post-Abaddon.

Amy attempted to escape unscathed, but she wound up cornered in the elevator bank by some of Ziden’s representatives. Forced to go upstairs for a confrontation, Amy found herself on the shortest elevator ride ever. I have to say, there was something really scary about those moment leading up to her meeting. I’m talking real-world, honest, adult scares. Once in the lobby of Ziden’s office, Amy noticed a distraught and disappointed Eileen avoiding eye-contact. Instead of begging for forgiveness herself, Amy spoke on Tyler’s behalf, taking the full blame and freeing him from the burden. For what it was worth, Eileen seemed to be receptive.

Inside the conference room, Amy came face to face with Charles Ziden. This was the moment Mike White had teased surrounding this finale. Would Amy sink or swim? The conversation started out awkward and stilted, yet things got heated once Amy was pressured to divulge information and threatened with legal action. Seriously, how could she not have thought of getting sued? In any case, we saw another side of Ziden, a side that was enough to convince Amy that she’d made the correct decision. Rigthfully pissed that his privacy was invaded for information, Ziden still played right into what Amy was hoping to destroy. Referring to her as a “bug” and a “mental patient” essentially proved that he does have some sort of ego that can be dangerous. Amy, although most definitely naive and too idealistic at times, spoke more clearly than ever. There does have to be accountability for corruption and pain due to money grubbing, and transforming that company would never happen.

In the end, Amy Jellicoe left Abaddon with her head held high, looking exhilarated and accomplished. Jeff, admitting to knowing her legal woes in pursuing this article, turned Amy off. Instead, she found herself driving to Levi’s (Luke Wilson), who was the right shoulder to cry on. Back on the booze, Levi helped Amy remember who she is. Is she crazy? No, she’s just full of hope, and that’s a good thing, even if she can get a bit nutty.

The episode closed with the publishing of the article. A proud Helen read smiling, while Dougie followed in Amy’s footsteps and left the company for good. Krista, meanwhile, was getting to know her new baby, and Eileen found herself on Tyler’s doorstep. Amy spotted the article, seemingly for the first time at a coffee shop, and looked pleased to find herself praised as the one woman who took down Abaddon. In the end, she walked off into the hustle and bustle  of the sidewalk. She is an agent of change.

HBO "Enlightened"

HBO “Enlightened”

What did you think of the Enlightened Season 2 Finale, Episode 8, “Agent of Change”? Will we get a Season 3?

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