Enlightened – Season 2 Episode 2 – Recap and Review – Revenge Play

Enlightened just keeps getting better in Season 2. Episode 2 was very appropriately titled “Revenge Play”, even for a series that is pretty much entirely about getting even… in the most positive way possible, of course. I love how the entirety of Season 1 seems to have been foreplay for a generally more exciting Season 2. The water is starting to boil. Will Amy (Laura Dern) take the heat or get out of the corrupt kitchen?

HBO "Enlightened"

HBO “Enlightened”

“Revenge Play” opened with Amy beaming with excitement from Jeff’s (Dermot Mulroney) proposition to partner up in order to take down Abaddon. A still very hesitant Tyler (Mike White) sat back and watched as Amy shook on the deal via phone chat. Zombies… they’re all zombies! Amy is about to shake the earth and start the apocalypse.

Trouble was a-brewin’, though, as Tyler received word from I.T. that their breach of the private executive email accounts had been picked up by the system. Meaning, Cogentiva would be under inspection, and whoever’s ip address matched the hacker’s would be in deep trouble. Dougie (Timm Sharp) warned his workers to hide their porn.

Dougie: “I’m talking to you Connie.”

Amy was pretty nonchalant about the whole ordeal. Tyler, on the other hand, was freaking the hell out. Omar (Jason Mantzoukas) began to sniff out the duo’s scheme after witnessing one too many secret chats at the coffee machine. Still, he was more convinced that the two were secret lovers, leading him to cruelly critique Tyler for being too pale. In his country, they kill babies that look like Tyler!

Krista (Amy Burns) suffered some sort of medical emergency and was taken away from the office on a stretcher. Amy, of course, completely set the investigation on the back burner in an attempt to get back in Krista’s good graces. You see, Amy had been dreaming of destroying Abaddon and witnessing all of her former (awful) friends getting arrested, Krista included. Thus, she assumed her intentions sent a message to the universe to harm Krista.

HBO "Enlightened"

HBO “Enlightened”

In my opinion, Amy’s mending of fences with Krista wasn’t nearly as important as getting to see her mother (Diane Ladd) and Connie (Bayne Gibby) step up to help her. Her mother was willing to donate a pillow she’d spent the whole episode crafting in order to help Amy make amends. Connie, on the other hand, was the only person who genuinely sympathized with Amy, even offering a prayer for her sick friend. These acts of kindness, compared with Janice’s (Michaela Watkins) cold reception at the hospital and Krista’s unwillingness to deal with even speaking to Amy, stood out.

My guess is that this season is more so focused on Amy building new friendships with the geeks she’d originally written off as too far-out. I know Amy can be awkward, and sometimes entirely clueless, but I just can’t get over how judgmental her ex-coworkers are of her in conjunction with how purposely oblivious they are regarding their company’s corruption. I’m guessing the company’s products are what made Krista sick, so maybe she’ll have a change of ways.

Tyler thought fast, snuck into the office late at night, and switched Amy’s hard drive with Omar’s in an act of revenge. Killing two birds with one stone, Omar was fired for hacking the system without much of an explanation at all. Threatening a lawsuit and investigation, Tyler’s power-play could end up backfiring big time! It’s inevitable, though. If Amy and Tyler are going to continue with their scheme, they’re going to have to clue-in their colleagues, Dougie included. Judging by the Season 2 posters, I’m thinking everyone is getting involved soon!

Do good intentions pave the road to Hell? Omar sure bit the bullet in order for Amy to continue on her road to a life of purpose. Yet, there is a genuine purpose!

What did you all think of Enlightened Season 2 Episode 2, “Revenge Play”? Do you sympathize more so with Amy or Krista regarding their failed friendship? How long before the rest of Cogentiva is clued in? Are you excited for Luke Wilson’s return next episode?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Enlightened Season 2 Episode 2, “Revenge Play”!

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