Elysium – Official Trailer #2

Credit: TriStar Pictures

Credit: TriStar Pictures

Not much is known about the specifics of Elysium, director Neill Blomkamp’s first film since the Academy Award-nominated District 9. But here’s what we do know: The film is set in 2154, and takes place in a dystopian future where the wealthy elites have abandoned Earth to live in a posh, well-guarded space station headed by Jodie Foster (as Secretary Rhodes). Meanwhile, the poor are left to the ruins of Earth. Cue a bald, aggressive Matt Damon (as protagonist Max De Costa), who decides to take the fight right to the rich.

The latest trailer paints an intense picture. Expectations are already through the roof for Blomkamp’s latest, and this clip has me sincerely optimistic about the film’s potential for greatness. Check out the full video below:

Elysium hits theaters August 9.

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