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Elliott Yamin – PopEater Interview


PopEater interviewed Elliott Yamin about his new single “Can’t Keep on Loving You”, American Idol and his upcoming tour with the USO:


You’re going on tour with the USO, tell me about that.

This will be our second tour with the USO, last year they reached out to my management team and I said of course, let’s do it. It’s the least you can do as an entertainer to give back to the soldiers and the military and the troops who put their lives in front of ours everyday to defend our freedom. It was a no brainer. We jumped at the chance to do it last year and they sent us over to Europe … This year they are sending us over to Guam and Okinawa. It’s cool. On one hand we’ve chosen both times to go over to the Middle East, but you have to go where you’re needed and wherever the Pentagon sends you — which is so crazy to say, the Pentagon is sending you somewhere.


How are you guys enjoying Elliott’s “new look”?

Download: Elliott Yamin – Can’t Keep On Loving You (From a Distance)

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I would love elliott if he were bald. That being said, I too miss the mop of curls. This new look may be "hot". What do I know?

I do know that I love his music and his dedication to so many causes. He is a sweetheart no matter what grows on his head.


He looks lke a 70s porn star o_O


The troops are really going to enjoy Elliott! I'm glad that he can give them some great music and some laughs.


kudos to Elliott for his work with the troops - love his new single, and I give him props for changing up his look now and then. Miss the mop of curls though - hope he goes back to that someday!