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Drew – Hello It’s Me EP – Available on iTunes

The X Factor‘s Drew, who placed 7th in the competition last year has released her debut EP. It features a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” ¬†(her audition song), two originals, and two Christmas songs. The EP stands at #8 on the iTunes Pop Albums Chart with no label, no promotion, no backing, nothing.

I love Drew, she was my favorite last year. Go Support Good Music and cop her EP on iTunes for $2.99

Download: Hello It’s Me (EP)

Track list:

1) Let Me Down

2) Baby

3) Baby’s It’s Cold Outside

4) Silent Night

5) You and Me

Drew Hello It's Me

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Klope62 moderator

Holy shiz, I completely forgot of her existence.


@drewryniewicz @rickey No problem Drew! Enjoying the EP. Have A Merry Christmas!


@drewryniewicz @rickey follow me drew! Brazil loves you!! I loved you and me!!!

Rickey moderator

@Klope62 HUSH!!! She's READING this. Ugh, Gabe.