Drake and Shane Kippel reunite

In a world without the absurd, freestyling excellence of Gavin “Spinner” Mason (Shane Kippel) and a non-wheelchair-bound Jimmy Brooks (Drake), we have to take solace wherever we can find it. Thankfully, Drake doesn’t seem to have entirely forgotten his Degrassi roots, even if he’d rather forget that his birth name is “Aubrey”, as he and Shane Kippel had an impromptu Degrassi reunion while hitting up the clubs. Here’s the tweet with the photo:

To say this warms the cockles of my Degrassi-loving heart would be a disservice to the notion of cockle-warming.

Speaking of Degrassi, apparently Jake Epstein (the former Craig Manning) is on Broadway in Green Day’s American Idiot?

I say the boys get Downtown Sasquatch back together for one last show.

Full story: Huffington Post

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