Dracula – Episode 7 – Recap – Servant to Two Masters

Dracula - Episode 7 - Recap - Servant to Two Masters - Jayne

Dracula – Episode 7 – Recap – Servant to Two Masters

NBC‘s Dracula has a slightly longer break than its Friday night neighbor, Grimm, but they’ve both returned tonight. Dracula has a shorter season, which is a great idea, since too much of this show will fry your mind. It’s been this weird, disconnected fugue state of a show, meandering between plots without warning or explanation, starting and ending long fantasy sequences without context. With show’s unimpressive ratings and the drug rehabilitation of star Jonathan Rhys Meyers of late, it seems doubtful there will be more of this after the ten episode run concludes, which could be (like the eponymous character’s vampireness) a blessing or a curse.

“American” entrepreneur Alexander Grayson (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is closing on a new energy project in his war against the Order of the Dragon… Yeah I don’t know either. Anyway, the Order uses their connections in the police to fake a big public health scare and get Grayson’s magic wireless electricity machine shut off. Dracula has his revenge by eating the cop who led the raid.

Dracula - Episode 7 - Recap - Servant to Two Masters - Mina

Harker discovers Grayson faked some information on a story Harker had been investigating, so he’s quite upset with the secretly vampiric benefactor. The Order of the Dragon sees this as a prime moment to strike, bringing him in the work for them as a double agent against Dracula. This looks like it’ll be the main conflict in the remainder of the season, which is actually rather intriguing.

Dracula tasks his man Renfield with retrieving a painting of Drac’s wife that’s been lost for a long time. Does Renfield need to storm as castle and sword down a dozen armed zealots? Nope! He just buys it. At an auction. For a million bucks. Twenty seven million, by today’s standards, but still! Gimme some Renfield action scenes, dang! Someone from the Order steals the painting right out of Renfield’s room, replacing it with a fake discovered by Grayson upon Renfield’s return. Now the order knows that Mina is someone Grayson cares about, and they’re going to use this against him.

Dracula - Episode 7 - Recap - Servant to Two Masters - Renfield

Dracula still has his horrible injection process so he can go out in the sun like a normal man. This is a really odd storyline, since the basis of this show is meant to be the original book… where Dracula does not burn in the sun, but instead simply loses his vampire powers. He has a visit with Harker’s fianceé (Mrs. Dracula’s lookalike, you’ll recall), which of course gets his horny levels too high to avoid a visit with Lady Jayne. Drac still does no good avoiding Mina, as he puts together an elaborate soireé for the patients at her father’s hospital. They meet in the hallway, dancing far too closely. He’s seriously hungry and about to eat her blood when her necklace reflects a cross of sunlight on his face, startling him out of his blood frenzy.

The show is getting slightly more… comprehensible? I don’t know. I still can’t follow what’s going on, but there’s less trippy dream sequences and uncomfortably long sex scenes. I honestly think this is working against it! Before, it was a weird mess of parts that I’m almost sure were made to not fit together. Now, it’s losing steam and just turning into a regular show that’s a little hard to follow. Ah, oh well. There’s just a few episodes left in the season, so we’ll see where this crazy thing ends soon! In place of a preview, check out this behind the scenes video for the last episode!

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