Dracula – Episode 4 – Recap – From Darkness To Light

Dracula - Episode 4 - Recap - From Darkness To Light - Jayne

Dracula – Episode 4 – Recap – From Darkness To Light

NBC‘s Dracula has me in a bit of a dilemma. My preference is to call the bloodsucking fiends that populate the show “draculas” because this is funny to me. The vampire hunter Lady Jayne in the show refers to them as “nosferatu”, which is interesting, because the movie of that title used that word for its monsters because they couldn’t get the rights to the novel Dracula. So when I write it as Dracula, that’s the guy. When it’s Dracula, in italics like that, it’s the book or the show or maybe a movie or something. When it’s just dracula, that is the generic term for an undead bloodsucking monster who does not go out in the sun. Okay? Good!

Dracula - Episode 4 - Recap - From Darkness To Light - Mina

The action starts with a train full of draculas, set to feed on a sleeping drunkard under a cloak, when suddenly the cloak is off, revealing Lady Jayne Weatherby, the dracula hunter that’s been a lover to Count Dracula. Dracula knows her secret badass job as a slayer, but plans to keep this secret. If she knew that he knew, she’d kill him. The one man who escapes Jayne’s slaughter is an old friend to Drac, and they conspire to destroy The Order of the Dragon. As part of their continued mutual seduction, Dracula takes The Lady Jayne Weatherby to an underground fight club for some reason, and they run off to bone down while two muddy fight girls are fighting. The whole little scene is so bizarre and weird and out-of-place that I can do nothing but respect the audacity of it. Later, Lady Jayne terminates the relationship. Dracula says this is distressingly predictable, and through his wordsmithery… he gets nowhere. She rebuffs him anyway! Their whole conversation is strange. When Grayson returns home, his friend says he heard everything they said and asks leave to go kill Jayne. Dracula order him to make her scream, but I think he knows that this little dork can’t possibly defeat Jayne. What actually happens is that Dracula follows him and uses his death/defeat to win Jayne back! I mean, Jayne dusted the ghoul, so I guess it’s just the thought that counts.

Alexander Grayson agrees to host an engagement party for Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray. There’s a weird moment between Mina and Dracula, since she’s played by the same actress as Drac’s long-dead wife, and it makes her want to call off the party. Clearly she’s in love with our eponymous blood-sucking friend! Jonathan convinces her otherwise, since it was Vlad who got them back together. Mina’s friend Lisa takes up the planning of the party to take some of the pressure off Mina. The two have some kind of weird thing. Lisa cries about the engagement and it seems like she’s about to confess her love for Mina but then the just go out for coffee instead??

Dracula - Episode 4 - Recap - From Darkness To Light - Grayson

Jonathan investigates a general possibly involved with a British invasion of The Ottoman Empire. Dracula’s cover story as Alexander Grayson is meant to be using wireless energy to defeat this general and The Order of the Dragon, but the technology still isn’t reliable. The Order of the Dragon (I think) captures Renfield, Dracula’s best bud. Oh no! But to what end?!

I wish this show were less about clandestine sociopolitical scheming and more about Lady Jayne destroying draculas with a sword! She’s so cool. I like her clothes and her attitude and the parts where she hates monsters and wants to do violence upon them. Except Dracula, I guess, whom she mainly wants to kiss upon. The show is starting to become less confusing, as I predicted it would. The whole picture is becoming clear very slowly, as they already secured a whole season right from the get-go. Anyway, check out this preview below!

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