Downton Abbey – Christmas Special 2013 – Official Trailer – Video

Credit: Carnival Films/ Masterpiece

Credit: Carnival Films/ Masterpiece

It’s almost time for the Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013!

The yearly, feature-length episode premieres Christmas Day on ITV, and will continue the stories already set up by the controversial fourth season. In the first official trailer for the Christmas Special, we get some details on the plot, such as Lady Rose’s entry into high society (and seriously, how DEVASTATINGLY lovely is Lily James?), as well as the return of Shirley MacLaine as Cora’s mother.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the courtship of Lady Mary continues, as does the suspicion of Bates over a possible homicide. There’s also lighter fare, such as potential new romances for Branson and Daisy, and heavier business such as the unpleasantness with Edith. If I’m sounding vague, it’s only to protect the people who haven’t actually watched season 4 yet, but if that’s the case, what are you doing here?! For those who have seen season 4 and are good and ready for the Christmas Special, check out the full trailer below:

The Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2013 promises big changes.

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