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Don Philip – Halo – The X Factor

Don Philip auditions with “Halo” for The X Factor.

He sang a duet with Britney Spears 10 years ago. His singing has deteriorated significantly after all those years. This was horrible.

He also looks like he is self-medicating.

Watch the video here:

Don Phillp The X Factor

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This was tragic and heartbreaking...for both Don and Britney.  The producers used the poor guy to get high ratings, and then made it all about Britney: his lament about hurting her and Simon going over to comfort her.  This disgusting ploy gives me yet another reason to watch "The Voice" instead of this television equivalent of yellow journalism. Shame on you, Simon!

Tsi Remo
Tsi Remo

sounds like he had a drug addiction


When I watched this segment, it left me confused. It turns out, the producers cut a great portion of this segment out as don admitted during his audition that he is gay.  Supposedly, Britney was "fine " with him being gay. Still, I felt sorry him. I think his bad experience on the show can only help him. His duet with Britney is posted on U Tube and probably getting thousands of hits and downloads! I wish him nothing but the best of luck - he seems like a nice enough guy!