Dierks Bentley Debuts New Song On ‘The View’

Dierks Bentley debuted his new song ‘I Hold On’ on ‘The View’ on Friday, July 26.

The follow-up to ‘Bourbon In Kentucky’, whose left-of-the-mainstream sound didn’t quite grab country listeners, ‘I Hold On’ was claimed by Whoopi Goldberg as the “country music anthem of the summer”, and Dierks’ performance on the show was certainly met with rapturous applause.

In Dierks’ own words, his new single is what he’d use to describe himself in 3 or 4 minutes if he had to. It’s a very personal song; about holding onto memories and objects for sentimental value, and specifically mentions his father, who passed away not too long ago. It’s very meaningful and I’m sure will be a hit with fans, sounding particularly effective live.

Adding anticipation to the upcoming release of his new album ‘Riser’, due this Fall, Dierks continues to be one of country music’s biggest and most successful stars.

You can watch the video below.

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