Dexter – Season 7 Episode 7 – Recap – Chemistry

Each week just keeps totally flipping the “rules” established by the series on their head, and the newest episode of Dexter is no exception.

Here is the full recap for Dexter season 7, episode 7 “Chemistry”.

In case you missed last week’s Dexter, much intensity ensued as Dex decided he wanted to kill Hanna after pretty much solidifying that she was a crazy murderess. Then, in the heat of the moment, he cut her free from his plastic-wrap table and had his way with her… sexually. This episode picks up moments later, when they go at it again after he reveals to her that he has a code and only kills “bad people”. At first, I couldn’t really see Dex with Hanna but I have to admit they are actually a pretty good fit. Well, save for the fact that she doesn’t kill within his “code.”

Meanwhile Deb is really hitting it off with Sal, the true crime novelist. I found it to be a rather interesting contrast in this episode to Dex’s relationship. Neither sibling is particularly fond of the other’s romantic entanglement, which makes for some pretty enthralling material that will likely continue to play through the rest of the reason. Dex drops off Hanna after their little “get-together”, which she doesn’t seem at all shaken up about, and is less than thrilled when he spots Sal waiting outside her house. Hungry for material for his new novel, Dexter is afraid that Sal will mention him and his career will be over. Thinking on his feet, though, he promises to give Sal the inside scoop on Randall’s last words in exchange for keeping quiet about the relationship Dex has with Hanna, at least temporarily.

LaGuerta informs Deb about the dead end she hit with the women in barrels she was trying to link to the Bay Harbor Butcher case. Deb tries her hardest to sway LaGuerta into letting go of the idea that anyone other than Doakes could be the actual Bay Harbor Butcher, and leaves LaGuerta’s office feeling overly guilty. For just a split second, I was sure LaGuerta would give up her detective work… Deb confronts Dexter about flubbing the blood report that Sal mentioned to her previously, and Dex doesn’t exactly play off his innocence very convincingly. He assures Deb that he can run the blood for Hanna’s DNA if she so desires.

The blood sample from Isaak is, of course, missing since devious Quinn stole it last episode. Scrambling back to the crime scene, Dex and his team find the area flooded with sewage. Their precious blood evidence is long gone, so Isaak will walk. Batista also confronts Quinn about going into the evidence room, but he plays it off pretty well. All in the name of love for stripper Nadia, which doesn’t surprise me considering how much of a sleezeball Quinn can be. Quinn even pays George a visit, threatening George to leave him and Nadia alone, but it kind of backfires as the deal they made doesn’t seem to get him off the hook completely. Deb instructs Dex to make sure he stays away from Isaak, as she is going to have him tailed 24/7. Sal gives Deb the address of Hanna’s dead husband’s sister, seeking permission for the exhumation. He also cutely and awkwardly asks her dinner. It takes a little convincing, but Deb manages to convince the sister to allow her to dig up the body, if only to give her brother some justice.

Sal semi-blackmails Hanna into agreeing to speak with him, but she agrees to the interview only if he promises to leave Dexter out of things. He makes a date with Dexter to get his statement on Randall’s last words, the next day right after his appointment with Hanna. Snooping around on some of the files Dexter retrieved from Sal’s computer, he discovers one case (on which his bestselling book was based) that was never solved. Dex makes a plan to plant evidence so it would look like Sal was involved in the murder – something that wouldn’t be too difficult. Dex goes to see Hanna again, urging her not to do anything to Sal and telling her he will take care of the whole situation. The bid farewell afterward, and Dex ponders why he is leaving; compared to all the other romantic entanglements he has had throughout the seasons, Hanna seems the one most in touch with him, willing to accept both sides of his personality.

Deb hits a dead end with Hanna’s ex’s corpse, mainly due to the fact that he was not embalmed and thusly all that remains is a bag of bones. She expresses her regrets to Sal over lunch, and tells him to make sure he doesn’t forget their dinner date. He sees Hanna and records their conversation, as she admits to killing the woman in the motel for the first time. Meanwhile, Dexter steals some fingerprints, hairs, and an electric toothbrush from Sal’s apartment. While he’s at it, he also deletes every file that Sal has on his computer about Hanna. Gasp! The files you delete for love… Dexter goes to lunch afterward, and is unexpectedly confronted by Isaak. He is being followed, though, so no funny business, just some seemingly empty threats for the time being. When Dex gets back home, he meets up with Sal for their meeting but before sharing anything reveals his plan to plant the evidence. Just as Sal gets worked up, he has a heart attack and falls right onto to Dexter’s table, hitting his head… dead. Deb is really thrown off guard when she gets to the scene, noting that she “cant even go out for drinks with someone” without them dropping dead.

Brought in for questioning, Hanna pretty convincingly plays dumb on Sal’s death; it isn’t until Dexter goes to her house that she admits she was getting impatient and had to kill Sal. She put something “untraceable” on his pen, she admits.They were looking out for each other, and so once again they are drawn together. Quinn donates $10,000 to Batista so he can open his restaurant, which is a random but kind gesture. LaGuerta, at home, is seen looting through some files from “Dade County Registration” and stops on Dexter’s name. Oh no, here we go. Angrily listening to the recording that Sal obtained earlier in the day, Debra makes up her mind. She calls Dexter, and asks him the unthinkable: she wants him to kill for her. Hanna killed Sal, she killed her husband, and now she should pay.

That was certainly a game-changing episode. Deb finally asked Dex to kill for her… and his new girlfriend is the potential victim! Their clash about Hanna could lead to some big fireworks as we approach the latter half of the season. What kind of revelations will LaGuerta come to about Dexter? I’m loving season 7!

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