Dexter – Season 7 – Episode 12 – Finale Recap – Surprise Motherf—-r!

Whoah. Now that’s a season finale. The cliffhanger might not be as intense as the one found in season six, but season 7 of Dexter really goes out with a bang. One major character bites it big time in a satisfying way. This episode left me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I need more!

Check out the full recap for season 7 episode 12, the Dexter finale, “Surprise Motherf—-r!”:

Dexter Finale

In the aftermath of last episode, Hannah is in jail and Dexter pops by for a visit. Try as she might, she is unable to convince him to get rid of the evidence for her soon-to-take-place trial. Looks like Argentina won’t be happening after all. She kisses Dex goodbye, leaving a bloody bite in her place. After their talk, Hannah makes a call to her friend Arlene and begs her for help, revealing that she took care of the counselor in the halfway house for the two of them.

Back at Dexter’s place, Harrison asks in that oh-so-cute way where Hannah is off to. Awkward. A knock at the door turns out to be LaGuerta, who places Dexter under arrest for killing Estrada. Finally the moment has come: Dexter is placed in handcuffs. After reading his Miranda rights, LaGuerta and a group of cops lead him through the department much to the shock of pretty much everybody. No one is more surprised than Deb, but the whole scene is nerve-racking in and of itself. In the interrogation room, Maria shows Dex some pictures of him dumping garbage bags. Inside the bags, she LaGuerta claims to have found a bloody shirt and Estrada’s wallet. Halfway into the intense probing, Masuka and Deb barge in and Masuka tells LaGuerta that the shirt came from the evidence room. The wallet even had LaGuerta’s print on it. It certainly looks like LaGuerta was framing Dexter, which was his intention all along. Dex and LaGuerta have an even more awkward confrontation in the elevator on the way out after his release: she says she knows he set her up and he has won again.

Flashback time: Doakes and Dexter, back before season one. They are after a killer who does away with prostitues. This killer writes his exploits in a journal, and Doakes can never get any evidence that proves this guy’s guilt. Dex overhears Maria talking to Doakes about meeting him and she slips him a key.

Back in present time, Angel catches up to LaGuerta and confronts her about the moronic accusations. He tells her to cut the shit, in so many words. Her job could seriously be on the line. Deb visits Dex, and he reveals to her that this was his plan to get rid of LaGuerta all along. When Deb leaves, Dex’s inner father reminds Dex that Estrada is still MIA and if he doesn’t come upon him soon or LaGuerta gets to him first, it could mean some seriously bad vibes are headed his way. Dexter decides to pay Estrada’s wife a visit to see if she knows where he might be crashing. Pretending to be Estrada’s parole officer, the wife claims to have no idea where he is, but Dex follows her and stumbles upon Estrada in the flesh. Once the wife leaves, Dex pays two kids to mess with Estrada, who is trying to sleep on a bench in the park. As soon as the moment arises, Dexter slips Estrada into his car for safekeeping after shooting him up with his signature syringe.

In another flashback, Dexter gets a little animated when describing the crime and Doakes picks up on the oddity of it all. To say he sounds a little pumped about the blood would probably be an understatement. Later on, Dexter hands out his donuts with that phony smile we used to see so much in the first couple of seasons. This is the first time Doakes really sees through his facade and into the creature underneath: Dexter recites a quote from the prostitute killer’s diary that sets off a signal to Doakes. From then on, Doakes has it out for Dexter and promises that someday he will find out what Dex is hiding.

Debra shows up for Hannah’s trial, mainly because she was the arresting officer. The two of them have a second alone, and a really bizarre confrontation. Clearly still bitter that Dexter chose Deb over herself, Hannah brings up the fact that Deb is a complete hypocrite since she knows about her brother’s murderous ways and has done nothing to stop it. Hannah is sentenced without parole, but on the way out of the courtroom, she hugs her friend Arlene and snatches a pill that she immediately swallows. On the ride from the courtroom, Hannah has a seizure and they immediately rush her to the hospital. It’s not immediately clear what’s wrong with her, but as soon as everyone turns an eye, she is gone. That was certainly a much shorter sentence than I was anticipating.

Angel visits LaGuerta again, this time extending an invite to his New Years Eve / retirement party. If she shows her face and tries to make amends with Dexter, he tells her that all should be good and this whole problem will probably just go away. Deb meets up with LaGuerta in her office afterward, where LaGuerta somewhat admits her defeat, but then throws a grenade her way: she has video evidence from a gas station only blocks away from the Travis Marshall church incident. Deb is totally thrown as soon as LaGuerta pops in the evidence, as she is left dumbstruck. LaGuerta even makes the sinister promise to “count on” having a much larger conversation about this incident.

When Deb goes to Dex about what LaGuerta has on her, even he is at a loss for words. Things are bad, but he promises to fix them as usual even though he might not know how yet. My favorite part of this scene is that as Deb is leaving to go back to work, she hears Estrada in Dex’s trunk, and she barely bats an eyelash. Oh how the times have changed. Things go from bad to worse when Dex stops by at LaGuerta’s place and discovers signed warrants to track Deb & Dex’s cell GPS the night the church burned down. Harry urges Dexter to take Harrison, take Debra and just leave, but Dexter proclaims that he will stand his ground. Even if LaGuerta doesn’t meet the code, her death means the survival of his family.

Now we reach the climax of one of the most intense Dexter finales ever: Dexter has Estrada all tied up on a table in a storage container, and he forces him to call LaGuerta and tell her where he is. It’s a convincing moment of brilliance, and Dexter’s plan appears flawless on the surface. He is going to make it look like there was a shootout between LaGuerta and Estrada. No more, no less. They both ended up shooting each other, and that’s that. Of course, nothing is ever so easy. At Angel’s party, after not hearing from Dexter or LaGuerta, Debra calls for the location of LaGuerta’s car and finds out she is headed to the marina. Dexter stabs and kills Estrada, finally rid of every person responsible for his mother’s demise. He comes to the realization that tonight will be the first time he is going to kill for real reasons; for the survival of his family, he will do anything and everything. In between all of this, Hannah stops outside Dexter’s apartment and leaves a plant outside his door. Is this the last we will see of Hannah McKay? I have to hope she will come back next season.

As soon as LaGuerta enters the container, Dexter sneaks up on her from behind and slips her the syringe. Just as his plan is about to go through as planned, Debra shows up with a gun. LaGuerta wakes up and tries to get Deb to shoot Dexter so he can finally be put to rest. Deb makes a huge decision that will change both their lives forever: she shoots LaGuerta. The two of them end up back at Angel’s party rather jarringly immediately after the killing, and Dexter is left pondering: “is this a new beginning, or the beginning of the end?”

This has got to be one of the best season finales in the history of the show. What happens from here? Will Deb and Dexter adequately cover their tracks so as not to be caught? I’ll have to hold my breath for the return of the show in what is said to be the final season. What did you think of tonight’s finale, and how do you feel about the demise of one of the show’s key players, Maria LaGuerta?

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