Dexter – Season 7 – Episode 10 – Recap – The Dark… Whatever

As we’re fast approaching the season 7 finale of Dexter, tonight’s new episode packs a pretty big punch as Dexter comes to the realization that his ‘Dark Passenger’ is just masking his true intentions.

Read on for the full recap of Dexter season 7 episode 10, The Dark… Whatever.

The ‘Phantom Arsonist’ is back in action yet again, and this time he has killed a young child and mother. Discovering the bodies and the arson investigator’s odd behavior, the need to resolve the situation in his own special way quickly rises for Dexter. When Dex goes over to Hannah’s place after work, she notices he’s on edge. He admits that he cannot kill anyone due to the promise he made Deb about not taking away cases from the police. He also brings up his ‘Dark Passenger’ to Hannah for the first time, and it confuses her. He tries to explain to Hannah that he doesn’t have a choice; that his ‘Dark Passenger’ controls him completely when the need to kill rises to the surface. Hannah’s father (the same one she said almost let her drown last episode) also stops by for a surprise visit.

Hannah’s dad seems overly nice at first, which is a definite mask of the asshole he becomes further in the episode. He claims that he is visiting because he is fresh out of prison and wants to take responsibility for everything he put Hannah through. He also leaves Hannah with an odd gift; her childhood dollhouse, all redone. It would be special, if not for the meaning behind it. He won it in a poker tournament during which he abandoned Hannah in a motel for three days. How charming.

Back at Miami Metro, the arson investigator profiles the arsonist, a description that Dex notes sounds strangely similar to the investigator himself. During the meeting, Masuka notices Dex texting Hannah, and when he asks him who the girl is, Dex doesn’t even get a chance to explain before Batista answers for him. The two guys seem thrilled Dex has found a new woman, but Deb remains less than impressed and even on edge about Hannah. She is seen taking some pills for anxiety in the comfort of her office, the closeup of which is clearly alluding to something that might come into play later on. Dexter follows the arson investigator and spies some odd things in the man’s backseat, but it’s he was just on his way to a civil war reenactment. He even has an alibi! Damn, that just would have been a little too easy.

Dex goes and meets up with Hannah and her father, who claims he has turned a new leaf and is going to head out Louisiana to open up a crawfish restaurant. Yeah, that sounds believable. It’s oh-so-easy to just open up your own business, right? Dexter gives the two of them some alone time at night, coming over for breakfast in the morning. That’s when Hannah’s fake-charming daddy finally shows his true colors: he just wants money. Two thousand, to be exact. He goes ballistic when Hannah won’t pay up, and storms off in his car. Dexter barely has a second to comfort Hannah when he has to leave for work… the phantom arsonist has struck again!

The arsonist left his typical ‘Bobby’ signature at the scene of the crime, a couple deaths on a bus via incineration. A security camera left on the bus may lead to some clues about his identity, finally. Dex seems barely gone for five minutes when he has to rush back to Hannah’s… her father ‘accidentally’ crashed into her greenhouse with all her plants. He is even more of an ass than he was at breakfast, making cheap jabs at her and wishing death her way. Dexter threatens him in his I’m-a-sexy-killer-so-back-off kind of way as Daddy drives Hannah to tears, but he promptly leaves having “said what he had to say.”

Detective Michael and LaGuerta have a private rendezvous at a seedy location, and she immediately throws out Dexter’s name in relationship to the Bay Harbor Butcher. He tells her they should really trace Doakes’ last days if they want some concrete answers before jumping to any random conclusions. This bitch just doesn’t want to give up! The two of them head to where the cabin was from season 2 that was blown up; they question the owner of the property, who says he was renting the place to a Colombian drug man. The name rings a bell for Michael: he was one of the men responsible for killing Dex’s bio mom, Laura Moser. LaGuerta wants to immediately question Dexter about everything, but Michael assures her he will be “less likely to fuck it up” if he talks to Dex himself. Uh oh.

The security footage of the arsonist on the bus never reveals his face, but does allow them to see him leave his fingerprints on a pole on the bus. Just as they are breaking new ground, Quinn and Batista leave to check out the club. Nadia is in trouble… again. Batista stays in the lobby while Quinn goes to confront George. After George slaps Nadia around a little, Quinn loses his cool and shoots him right in the heart. Quinn freaks for a moment, and then puts the gun into George’s hand and has Nadia pull the trigger to make it look like he was shot before killing George. When Batista comes in, Quinn urges him to led Nadia go because she is there illegally and if she is tried as a witness the Koshkas will undoubtedly get to her. I’m still not exactly digging this subplot, but maybe it will lead to a really satisfying conclusion by the season’s end? Or maybe Quinn will mercifully be killed off so we don’t have to endure anymore of his tedious storylines? Either would work for me.

Dex runs the arsonist’s prints with what they have on file, but comes up with nothing. He shares his suspicious that the whole ‘Bobby’ thing might have something to do with the killer’s childhood, and Deb is distraught since they cannot access juvenile files at all. Dex takes things into his own hands as usual, copying the fingerprint and heading to the juvenile office. As soon as the attendant is off for break, he hits up her computer and instantly finds a match: Joseph Jensen. He was arrested for setting his roommate’s bunk on fire and was in a psychiatric center till recently. Dex’s imaginary dad/conscience that takes the form of his late father urges him to give the culprit over to the police, but Dex isn’t positive that his ‘Dark Passenger’ will allow him to do so. Harry claims that he gave Dex the ‘code’ but never said anything about his ‘Dark Passenger’… Dexter isn’t a puppet, so the urges are his completely and not some dark thing but a very real feeling. Meaning he’s responsible for everything he’s ever done, everyone he’s ever killed.

As Dex is getting Harrison ready to go out with Jamie for a swim, Hannah’s dad shows up for an unexpected visit. He’s going to the cops with some vital information about Hannah (a witness at a halfway house where Hannah killed a counselor with rat poison) unless Dexter pays him a hefty sum. He was the one feeding Hal Price all the dirt he had about Hannah, for a price of course. When Dex confronts Hannah about it, she admits that this Arlene girl, the witness, is the one person who can put her in jail. Hannah admits to Dexter that as much as she might want to, she can’t kill her dad. He doesn’t even fit the code, so Dexter can’t kill him either.

Dex decides to pay Joseph the arsonist a little visit in his home, and as he has the man on his table of death all wrapped up in plastic, the man’s story has some eerie parallels to Dexter’s own. Joe’s childhood friend Bobby set the first fire and Joe has been blamed for it ever since and has been paying the price. He blames everything on Bobby, as if he takes no responsibility for the fires at all. Just as Dexter is about to kill him, he realizes he is fully responsible for what he is about to do. It’s not his Dark Passenger. So he gives this one up to the police. They show up and apprehend Joe.

Meanwhile, Dexter meets up with Hannah’s father, the lucky first victim of this Dark-Passenger-less version of Dexter. He doesn’t meet the code, but Dexter loves Hannah and he’s doing this for her benefit. He kills the guy on his boat and dumps the body. Hannah, who has the money all ready to give to her father, seems relieved when Dexter tells her he talked to Daddy and he won’t be bothering her ever again. As she hugs him, it’s obvious that Hannah knows what kind of talk Dex really had with her father.

Just when all seems happy and well, Deb tells Batista that Hannah’s dad left a message and told them to look for a girl, Arlene, that will help lock Hannah up for good. Oh no! How do you think this season is going to end? Only 2 more episodes left, I can’t wait to see where this is going! Will LaGuerta find out Dex’s secret, or is he going to orchestrate something brilliant to get everyone off his trail? I love this season so much!

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