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Devin Velez on Nicki Minaj feud: ‘I wasn’t off pitch, nor did I forget my lyrics.’



Devin Velez finished in eighth place on Season 12 of American Idol, but the Latin crooner didn’t go quietly.

When asked about judge Nicki Minaj’s brutal critique of the disastrous Wednesday night group performance that many believe sealed his fate, Velez declared that the judge “went crazy” and needed to “calm down”. He then added:

“She could have been upset because the night before she was wearing the same colored dress as Mariah.”

Minaj heard about the comments and took to Twitter to respond, because we, as a society, are long past the point of talking through our issues:

“Lol. Be mad @AMERICA when u get sent home,” Minaj wrote. “The JUDGES are the ones who FOUGHT for America to get the opp to vote for you #memba?”

She also shot down Velez’s assertion that the once-per-season Judges’ Save should have been used on him:

“America r the ‘potential’ fans,” she wrote. “U MUST win them over. ‘Saves’ are bull**** and they know it. Those girls are just too good this year.”

Minaj’s response to Velez didn’t stop there, as she continued with a series of increasingly-agitated tweets:

“Send the judges some flowers and a card. If Curtis didn’t get SAVED, NONE of u get saved! Best male voice of the SEASON!!!!!!!!!!! #TruthTea”

“Trust me BEW BEW. If EYE didn’t want u in that TOP, YOU wldnt have been in that TOP. Fought for ALL of you. So just simply b gracious.”

“Jennifer Hudson didn’t win!!! Oscar Winner! #memba??? ok. Take that exposure and let your light shine.”

Velez responded with a subsequently-deleted tweet of his own: “That moment when an adult stoops down to the 3rd grade level … LOL grow up Hun, I’ve got songs to write. #movingforward.”

However, the Twitter exchange was not the last word in this feud, as Velez discussed his issues with Minaj on The Today Show.

“The way my mother raised me is that when people are talking about you, it’s not really about you and you shouldn’t take offense,” Velez said. “So when she was saying, like, ‘You forgot your lyrics and you were off-pitch,’ with all due respect, I wasn’t off pitch, nor did I forget my lyrics.”

Ultimately, the singer is proud of his run on the show, despite the fact that, to some viewers, it ended far too soon.

“I think that I had a great run,” he said. “I think I did my best.”

So did Nicki overreact, or is Devin just bitter? Did Devin deserve to be saved? Sound off in the comments!

Via: PopCrush / E! Online

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