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Demi Lovato‘s “Heart Attack” has premiered early. The song is the lead single from her upcoming fourth studio album. How is The X Factor judge’s new single? Are you ready for the new album?

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I had a feeling that this song was going to be like this, especially after the previews. It’s not that the song is necessarily bad, but it is typical and it is pop-rock Demi – but I am chilling because she could have went rockier than that, but didn’t. I’m a fan of urban Demi, and what she delivered on Unbroken, and that’s what does it for me but I know she has to pander to her fans of her music like this as well. But “Heart Attack” does have like an underlying urban beat…sort of.

All in all, “Heart Attack” should be a hit for Demi. It starts out with a lot of electro but then that goes toward an acoustic pop-rock direction, and we could have seen more of the previous. But make no mistake, as usual, Demi is SANGING so that is always an automatic plus.

I’m interested to see what else she is delivering for this album.
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