Deception – Episode 6 – Video Preview – Don’t Be a Dummy

Here’s the video preview of Deception Episode 6: “Don’t Be a Dummy” on NBC.

So is this show picking up at all? Spoilers in the synopsis.

Deception  Episode 6  Video Preview  Don t Be a Dummy

Faced with the truth about her real parents, Mia runs away with Kyle to a friend’s empty vacation home. At the same time, Will goes to Edward’s house looking for answers about Vivian’s murder. Airs: February 11, 2013 on NBC.

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Its getting really good. I wish they started this meaty in the beginning. I hope NBC gives this a chance. 


It is picking up for the most part. I enjoy it the most when it is not embroiled in the Julian / Joanna storyline, but maybe because I'm pro Joanna / Will. I do believe character development and machinations are becoming more and more evident, and we needed this earlier rather than the two-dimensional approach. This may be too little too late though as ratings need to pick up, even if it is slight in order for it to be back next season.