David Archuleta sings ‘Bring Him Home’ in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

American Idol international superstar and adult contemporary prince Elder David Archuleta sang ‘Bring Him Home’ for the troops in Afghanistan.

Beautiful. I am in tears. This was amazing.

Best performance by David Archuleta ever. His maturity has now matched his singing. I’m speechless.

David Archuleta is a gift to all of us.

Watch the performance video here with introduction by Dan Clark:

Video via Walter Clark.

David Archuleta sings 'Bring Him Home' in Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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Klope62 moderator



OMG! I just can't with you David. You never stop surprising me with your voice. The control he has is beyond amazing. I have emotionally surrendered to the Archuleta again.  Just wow!


David is always doing something good. It's wonderful that the four guys went over there to war zones to put on an inspiring show for the US troops. I've seen a lot of nice tweets from soldiers, most tweeting a pic w/ David.   The guys traveled in troop carriers and military helicopters, sometime long grueling flights, sometimes narrowly missing hostile actions.  If you get a chance go over to David's official site (davidarchuleta dot com) and read the blog he sent which is accompanied by some nice pics /w troops including one of David saluting in the camo hat and bulletproof vest and holding a helmet (all gear he has to wear when they travel between bases). Thanks for posting the song Rickey.  We've been waiting years to hear David sing something from Les Mis since we've heard how he memorized and sang all of the songs at age 6 after rewatching the videotape while his parents unpacked moving boxes in Utah.


frckn good this man is. 


This performance is beyond exceptional.  Such emotion in his singing of this "Les Miserables" song. Les Mis, he has said, has been an influence on him since he was a child of 6.  The song is so appropriate as he sang to servicemen & women in Afghanistan.  What a beautiful rendition. Can't wait to hear his rich, mature voice in the future.