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David Archuleta – Before the Cut

Here’s a new video blog from American Idol international sensation David Archuleta. He’s going to get a haircut!

Watch the video here:

David Archuleta  Before the Cut

And the haircut:

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Here are more photos post-cut including a great one with family females, one with his mom and one alone - click on the permalink of each pic to make BIG.   I like his cut.


We had some spontaneous WW trending tonight of Be Safe David Archuleta | We Love You David Archuleta


The Forevermore CD is released and can be bought at WOWHD and Amazon, and with high shipping at Multiply for some more countries.  The music video will debut March 31 simultaneously on MYX Philippines and at a fan event.   The tiny teaser is here


We expect David will be entering the Mormon Training Center Wednesday and that will start his mission.


LeahKittyS 1 Like

I for one am proud that David takes his faith so seriously. As an fan of all things American Idol, I will miss having him around, and as a fellow Christian (though I am Catholic, not Mormon), I will pray for his health, safety, and success. Good luck, Archie!


Don't know how to post the after pic. It is a lot shorter but not too bad. It will grow back. 

Dang it!!!!!!!! I am going to miss the Archudo sooooooooo much.   He is still adorbs. :) David "wait wait wait don't go"..............:(




Why hasn't anyone convinced him to go full athiest!? You can see it in his eyes that he wants to! 



....maybe he'll come back sexier than ever? >,.> Better be worth it!

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 @Mikhail XO  @takakupo Well he is trimming it for his mission so it is valid. I have a few Mormon friends from back in the days and I totally know what he is going through right now. Being an Atheist myself I just accept everything. lols  I just love him so much for his music and his personality that I don't care.  Hey if he shows up at my door I may convert to Mormonism for a day.  :)


@rickey Hi Rickey! Follow @DavidArchie :)