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David Archuleta – About the title of BEGIN. in David’s words

Here’s the latest video blog from American Idol international singing sensation Elder David Archuleta. He talks about the title of his latest album BEGIN.

This feels like a time capsule. I wonder what he’s up to these days in South America.

Watch the video here:

From YouTube:

Here is David talking more about his BEGIN. album and the reason behind the meaning to the title in his words.

David Archuleta  About the title of BEGIN in David s words

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OMH! Yes! You are so missed David!!!!!  :) LOVE BEGIN.!  Such a great cd to contemplate, relax and just think when you are driving around. David's music always seem to brighten up my day when my day hasn't been the best. I wonder what other goodies are coming from David's team?  Love his doggies. 


With the haircut, that video must have been shot on David's last day before his mission.  It makes me miss him even more to see him right before.  In a few weeks he'll be 1/4 done his mission and we'll be 1/4 done our wait.


Rickey, "time capsule" is the perfect description. Not that I'm complaining but it is weird to be getting so much new stuff from David when he is out of the country on his mission and away from the public eye.  It's like there's an endless supply of new material just waiting to be released by his managers  He's busier than Idols who are not on a mission and who are actively pursuing their careers lol.