Daughtry – Baptized – Full Album MP3 Stream

Listen to the full album stream of Chris Daughtry’s new album Baptized.

Daughtry’s new album comes out November 19, 2013. This sounds so good!

Chris Daughtry is the real winner of American Idol Season 5. Amazing! Still making music after all these years. So much talent.

Download: Baptized

Listen to Daughtry’s latest album “Baptized” here first!

Daughtry - Baptized - Full Album MP3 Stream

Daughtry – Baptized – Full Album MP3 Stream

Baptized Track List

All Lyrics by Chris Daughtry

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 Baptized   Daughtry, Claude Kelly 03:11
2 Waiting for Superman   Daughtry, Martin Johnson, Sam Hollander 04:26
3 Battleships   Daughtry, Johnson, Hollander, Damien Rice 03:52
4 I’ll Fight   Daughtry 03:00
5 Wild Heart   Daughtry, Johnson, Hollander 03:50
6 Long Live Rock & Roll [10]   Daughtry Johnson, Hollander 03:38
7 The World We Knew   Daughtry 03:35
8 High Above the Ground   Daughtry 03:11
9 Broken Arrows   Daughtry, Kelly 04:08
10 Witness   Daughtry, Elvio Fernandes, Kelly 04:11
11 Traitor   Daughtry 03:03
12 18 Years   Daughtry, Johnson, Hollander 04:51

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